Tyre Self-Sealing Agent 350ML

Tyre Self-Sealing Agent 350ML

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This material adopts special hi-tech know-how, formulated with America environmental cellulose and non-poison water-based high molecular material with the special additive. It can seal automatically for the bike, motorbike, motorcar, automobile, sedan car, camion, utility vehicles’ tire, and protect the tire well. It has the good lasting sealing function for 6.8mm hole’s repairing.

1. Longtime lasting adopts America cellulose for sealing, form an outside oxidize film

2. Safe: adopts special anti-corrosive ingredients, neutral acid number, never rust steel ring and non-corrosive to the tire

3. Cool down: adopt chemical fasten thermal conductivity, it can reduce tire temperature 9-14C in summer driving, prolongs the tire’s life.

4. Anti-bacteria: adopts oxygen consumption theory, prevent bacteria living inside the tire, long lasting sealing function

How to apply?

  • 5-6 Bike - 1 Bottle Tyre Self-Sealing Agent 350ML
  • 3-4 MotorBike -1 Bottle Tyre Self-Sealing Agent 350ML
  • 1 Car/Van - 1 Bottle Tyre Self-Sealing Agent 350ML
  • 1 Lorry - 2 Bottle Tyre Self-Sealing Agent 350ML

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