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Tashen Magnetic Massage Insole

Tashen Magnetic Massage Insole

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Don't let foot pain hold you back any longer.

For hundreds of years, generations of believers have walked upon this stony path only to be blessed with a healing hand.

Years of research and development have gone into studying that Walk of Healing and turning it into an easy path for anyone across the globe to walk upon.

This is Tashen - a carefully designed insole meant to slip into any shoe that is able to give relief to ailing bodies and give you the strength you need to face the world.


The Divine Secret of Tashen


Unlike most acupressure products, Tashen has been carefully designed and tested so the pressure and points on the insole are able to work on anyone of all shapes and sizes. Mimicking the hardness and sensations of the pebbles on that riverbed, Tashen is able to aid in opening up vessels in the body to improve blood and oxygen circulation.

This boosts the body’s natural healing abilities and gives quick pain relief.

Magnetic Therapy

The magnets used in Tashen are made of the highest quality metal alloy and have been magnetized by the naturally occurring loadstones of the Walk of Healing. This allows them to share in the unique healing magnetic frequency.

The magnetic charge sends signals through to the nervous system where it stimulates the production of new nerve cells and encourages stronger, faster neuron connections.

How Tashen Can Help You

  • Promotes Blood Circulation

In stimulating acupressure points, the circulation of blood is improved allowing better oxygenation of cells and boosting the body’s natural healing abilities.

  • Strengthening of Muscles

Encourages healthy growth of muscle tissue by accelerating the removal of lactic acid in the muscles.

  • Reenergizing the Body

By balancing the natural electromagnetic fields of cells, it’s able to increase energy.

  • Therapeutic Pain Relief

Through the unique magnetic frequency, the magnets are able to communicate with the muscle tissue and nerve cells to offer relief.

  • Comfortable and Long Lasting

Made of high-quality materials, these insoles are able to bring comfort to any footwear.

How To Use

  1. Measure foot size on Tashen before cutting the insole down, giving a comfortable distance between your feet to the edges of the insole.
  2. Place insoles within footwear and measure again to ensure maximum comfort.
  3. Once the position of the footwear is confirmed, we recommend gluing the insole in place to ensure the product is not displaced during movement.

Package includes:

1/3/5 pcs x Tashen Magnetic Massage Insole

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