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SoDol Mouthwash

SoDol Mouthwash

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SoDol Mouthwash is specifically formulated to give you the ultimate oral care experience. This mouthwash is designed to not only freshen your breath, but also to effectively fight against bacteria, plaque, and tartar. It has been clinically proven to help prevent cavities, heal gingivitis, and even stimulate the regeneration of lost teeth. Whether you're looking for a daily routine or a solution for a specific oral health concern, our mouthwash is the perfect choice for all your oral care needs.

What can SoDol Mouthwash do for you?

1. Whitens teeth

Effectively remove dental plaque, calculus, and germs, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the whiteness of your teeth within just one week.

2. Eliminates bad breath

SoDol not only helps eliminate bad breath but also leaves your breath feeling fresh with its added menthol formula.

3. Relieves and prevents mouth sores

Effective in eliminating the bacteria that cause these ulcers and promoting healing.

4. Prevents cavities

SoDol is designed to effectively eliminate bacteria that reach deep into the alveolar and root canal, promote the growth of restorative dentin, and aid in repairing tooth decay. In cases of severe cavities, it can also stimulate the gums to generate new tooth buds, promoting the regrowth of new teeth

5. Removes calculus

SoDol is specifically formulated to effectively remove dental plaque and stubborn calculus from teeth, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the whiteness and overall health of your teeth.

Package Included:

1/2/3  x SoDol Mouthwash (100ml)

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