Lavender Aromatic Balm
Lavender Aromatic Balm
Lavender Aromatic Balm
Lavender Aromatic Balm
Lavender Aromatic Balm

Lavender Aromatic Balm

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Lying down for hours but to no avail... you have been an expert in forming dark circles, but the Sandman has not yet decided to pay you a visit! Sleep is a natural way for the human body to recuperate and replenish strength, but not everyone gets the enjoy this simple pleasure. 

Good news is, we've got this all-natural solution to help you finally doze off to dreamland. Made of Lavender essences and filtered with beeswax, this mild and gentle Lavender Aromatic Balm will help you sleep like a baby in no time.

Research found Lavender essence has calming and soothing properties that are instrumental in inducing slow-wave sleep making it an effective agent for reducing stress and treatment of sleeping disorders.


  • Soothes and relaxes tense nerves
  • Induces deep and sound sleep
  • Aromatherapy - therapeutic scent helps you relax and lulls you to sleep
  • Also perfect for massaging tired muscles and joints
  • Effectively calms anxiety and may complement treatment for severe insomnia
  • Perfect for relieving stress and exhaustion 


  • Apply a proper amount to the nose, lips, and other stress points (the temples, shoulders, elbows, feet, wrists, etc.) to soothe and relax your body.
  • This allows you to relax and transition to a natural state of sleep. Try to apply it where the blood is flowing, which is more effective. 

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