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Fuel Saver™

Fuel Saver™

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Portable Car Fuel Saver is a is proven device that has helped to economize fuel in cars. It is used for fuel, diesel, and gas cars with a cigarette lighter socket of 12 voltage. It's a breakthrough, patent-pending invention in fuel conservation. It will increase your car’s mileage just by plugging it into your cigarette lighter socket, you can now join over half s million satisfied customers and experience a significant saving on your car’s gas bill. Simply plug the product into your car’s cigarette lighter and instantly begin saving money. In addition, you will experience more horsepower, better acceleration, longer battery life, and cleaner emissions.


  • Increase gas mileage
  • Save on gas, save our earth.
  • Lower emissions
  • Universal for all cars
  • Increased horsepower
  • Longer battery life
  • Easy to use and starts working instantly

How does it work?

This is an electronic device that works electronically as the alternator of your car. If your alternator power falls, this product help to increase the car voltage and helps to boost devices like lights, stereos and even reduce air condition in cars. It also helps your vehicle battery to provide the needed power to operate this device. Apart from these, this product provides the power that aids your ignition system and also prevents incomplete combustion of your car exhaust.

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    1 x Portable Car Fuel Saver
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