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Hyste Tri-Color Concealer

Hyste Tri-Color Concealer

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Tired of concealers that don't really conceal anything? Try the Hyste Tri-Color Concealer for a more uniform complexion! This comes in three colored shades to help balance discoloration in the skin.

This Concealer is a skincare-makeup hybrid: It works as a makeup foundation to fully conceal flaws including wrinkles, flecks, acne, large pores, acne scars & any dark spots. 

Tri-Color Concealer - This tri-color concealer is packed with three specially selected powder shades for contouring, highlighting, and illuminating; definition with shades to accommodate a wide range of skin tones.

Long-lasting & Moisturizing - Our cosmetics concealer is light and thinbreathableeasy to mix, hides the pores, skin smooth, and has lasting makeup! Silky and smooth, with moisturizing ingredients added, it is effortless to apply. The concealer on the skin has a natural color, making the makeup look natural and shiny.

Fresh & natural finish - The lightweight formula gives full coverage without becoming heavy or chalky and settling into fine lines and marks. Its creamy texture effortlessly spreads and melts into the skin, giving it a pearly matte, second-skin finish with a natural glow.


Tap-on Buildable Coverage- Tap to form a sheer, medium, or even full coverage to conceal flaws including tattoos, wrinkles, flecks, acne, large pores, acne scars & any dark spots.

For All Skin Tones- Reduce redness & correct uneven skin tone. Auto color correction is based on your own skin tone. 


Abby Jones, Canada


I finally found the right product for my olive skin tone. And I love the rich, creamy formula of the Hyste Tri-Color Concealer. This is the only product that brightens, covers, and smooth away every last trace of my dark circles. Amazing. It blends into my skin and doesn't crease.

Yasmin Price, UK

I have hollow eyes and perpetually dark under eyes, and I found the best product to conceal them! The Hyste Tri-Color Concealer is easy to apply to my delicate eye area. It doesn't irritate it. Plus, I love the dewy illuminated finish! It looks natural and instantly brightens my whole face!

Kate Samonte, AUS

Fantastic formula! The Hyste Tri-Color Concealer is one of the VERY few concealers that doesn't settle into my eye and forehead wrinkles and enhance their appearance. The finish looks so smooth and natural. It really conceals everything!


  • Net Content: 13.5g
  • Shelf Life:3 years
  • Skin Type: For all skin types


  • 1 x / 2 x / 3 x Tri-Color Concealer Palette
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