Banana Hair Clip 2.0
Banana Hair Clip 2.0
Banana Hair Clip 2.0
Banana Hair Clip 2.0

Banana Hair Clip 2.0

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Put your hair up instantly for your perfect hairstyle

Are you looking for a new hairstyle without dropping a bomb on your wallet? With its sleek design, this chic banana comb adds edgy energy to your style. 🤩

We're so happy to announce this re-engineered Banana Comb! 

  • A fabulous barrette, pin and elastic replacement because it stretches wide around ALL your hair without breaking or damaging any of it.
  • A real-time saver creating many comfortable, flattering hairstyles in seconds.

 ⭐ Stretch elastic Banana Clips that hold lots of thick, heavy hair allows easy hairstyles in seconds.

🌟How its work & Main Benefits:

Between the two combs, there is a strong elastic band that is made to stretch around your hair, the two combs work together sinking in around your head and hold snug for the perfect hairstyle that will last all day long. You'll be thrilled to find that it gets your hair up and out of the way fast and easily so you can get on with your day.

✅ Rounded Fine Wire Teeth
These are low friction, bendable but not breakable, and slide in & out of hair roots (even styles including braids and locks) easily.

✅ Rounded Stretchable Double Comb Design
Hugs the curve of your head and allows hair to breathe in hot, humid and active environments. Completely reinvents the painful plastic traditional banana clips from the '80s.

✅ Large, Lightweight & Extra Flexible design
Holds the shape in heavy hair and the extra flexibility allows teeth to move safely under cornrows and braids without loosening them, as well as extra textured natural hair with kinky, coily roots.

 Holds Snug, Secure & Comfortably
All-day hold on your favorite hairstyles without headaches, slipping, sliding, or pain (finally).

 Covered, Coated, Sealed surfaces
Prevent damage with no snagging or tangling. Gentle on delicate hair with trendy & unique designs that compliment your outfits.


  • Size: 8cm x 7cm


    • 1 x Banana Hair Clip

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