With a decontamination ability of 99%, turn old and rusty into shiny and new!

Melts away the toughest stains. No rough scrubbing needed!


Check out the difference!

Suitable for:

  • Wood, leather, plastic

  • Fiberglass, ceramic

  • Canvas, fabric

  • Stainless steel,  & other metals

Cleans all kinds of material!

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1st Class Quality

Uses nano surface active technology and ecological green formula for antibacterial properties.

Affordable Prices

Save thousands from professional cleaners.

100% satisfaction

Fully love it or get a full refund from us!

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the foam safe to touch?

Yes, it's a surfactant, like soap. It has an alkaline base that would not irritate the skin. 

Q: Does this contain bleach?

No it does not. 

Q: How strong is the scent?

It has a fresh lemon scent no different than other liquid cleaners. The scent will linger but will eventually fade. 

Q: Is this antibacterial?

Yes, it has antibacterial properties.

Q: How does the UV protection work?

This slows fading and cracking on surfaces such as finished leather, canvas, etc that would be exposed to the sun.