NYC Subway Delays: 11 Lines Messed Up When 

Man Pushes Pregnant Woman Off The Platform

Friday, June 5th, 2020 | Abby Cornelia

It all happened when author Nat Beckett was returning home from work. Walking to the subway station, he felt tired and out of breath. When he arrived, the subway station was crowded, and suddenly he felt the world spinning and he was fainting.

At 6’5 tall, weighing 439 pounds, his falling obese body inadvertently pushed a pregnant woman off the platform, just as the train was approaching.

Commuters On The Platform Jumped To The Rescue

Commuters on the platform started shouting, waving their hands and bags frantically to draw the attention of the train operator and halt the train. Luckily, the operator managed to hit the brakes and the pregnant woman was saved.

While it was clear that he did not intend for any of this to happen, the commotion still infuriated the public. Witnesses started yelling derogatory remarks at him, some even called him ‘manslaughter’ for almost killing an innocent woman and her child.

“I’ve never felt so much guilt, shame and embarrassment. I was never big in my life…not until my wife passed away in 2018.”

“After my wife’s passing, it’s like I’ve hit a wall. I’d drown myself in work, trying to squeeze out every drop of my creative juice. The stress made me turn to food for comfort. Food became my emotional anchor, I relied heavily on food, and I can’t believe I have gotten this big.” – Nat

Doctors Said He Might Not Survive Another Fall

From the subway, he was admitted straight to the hospital. Nat was told that he was too ‘big’ and almost had a stroke. The doctors advised him to take care of his health and weight, for they can’t guarantee if Nat would be this lucky to wake up the next time he falls.

The guilt and humiliation over the subway incident was his last straw. And now, with his life on the line, Nat just knew he needed to start losing some pounds.

“I started trying all the dieting and exercise trends out there. From Atkins diet, Keto diet, Paleo diet, HCG diet, to the more ‘reputable’ Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem.”

“I’ve also tried many so-called natural supplements endorsed by nutritionists, while spending a fortune on gym classes, HIIT sessions, Yoga, Pilates…but nothing seemed to work! I’d even considered liposuction or gastric bypass, but I simply can’t afford it.” – Nat

Desperation And Depression Took Over

With no way out, depression then took over his life. Every time he eats, he would force himself to throw up out of guilt. One morning while he was in the office toilet purging, a colleague came up to him.

“I heard what you’re doing, and I’m here to stop you. You tried to lose weight, but nothing’s working, so you resort to binging for comfort and purging out of guilt. But the vicious cycle of binging and purging will eventually take a toll on your body.”

“I know so because I’ve experienced it first-hand. And I want to show you my savior.” – James, Nat’s colleague

It Was Jolive™

He shows me a body cream. Infused with active natural herbs, Jolive™ is a slimming body cream that maximizes inch loss by breaking down the storage of fats. Once absorbed into the skin, it helps promote fat burning, encourages lymphatic circulation and prevents further development of new fat.

The idea behind it is simple: you can apply on specific areas, such as buttocks, calves, thighs, abdomen, arms, or the whole body. Just put an appropriate amount of the cream on the skin, and then massage it in gentle circular motions for about 10 minutes, until the skin feels warm and relaxed.

“It sounded too good to be true. After countless attempts, I doubted it would work. But when James gave it to me, I tried it anyway.”

“To my surprise, the pounds started to shed! In just 1 week, I lost about 25 pounds. Within a month, I was 94 pounds down. 2 months on, I manage to lose almost 200 pounds! It is incredible!” – Nat

After losing all the excess weight, he became too small for his clothes and eventually needed a change of wardrobe.

It Patched Things Up In His Life

Nat couldn’t believe how this cream turned his life around. He felt like he was reborn, a totally new person. With the renewed confidence and a much better state of mind, he wrote all his experience and downfall into a book, which become one of the best books on grief management and self-motivation, firmly re-establishing his literary reputation, making him one of the best-selling motivational authors.

He shared about his experience in his speech during a motivational talk…

“I am a strong believer that when a door closes, another opens. My life went downhill, I lost everything, and I almost lost my life. But now, I got everything back again, and much more. All thanks to this Jolive™ cream.” – Nat

Nat’s incredible comeback is one of the many success stories of Jolive™. Don’t wait any longer, get Jolive™ today.

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