Selfless Son Saves Father's Life In Act Of Bravery And Love

4 years ago, Elijah’s biggest wish was to save his father from kidney failure.

The only way to do so was a kidney transplant.

Elijah and his siblings all wanted to donate their kidney. But it was the eldest son, Elijah, who turned out to be the perfect match for the procedure.

But there was a problem

Elijah was 5’3” and 90 lbs, too light to be a donor. His mother told him that if he wanted to donate his kidney to his father, he needed to be at least 124 lbs.

Despite the family not being well-off, Elijah was given the most nutritious food they could afford. He consumed five meals a day and his siblings would often give their portions to him.

It was fun in the beginning, but sometimes I felt so full.”

“I could barely swallow all the food.”

“Not only was the rapid weight gain uncomfortable, 

I was teased at school because of my appearance.”

“But it’s no bother at all, he’s my dad.”

“Dad is always the hero in our family. It’s my turn now.”

- Elijah

He granted his dad the best birthday gift ever

Within three months, Elijah met the requirements to donate his kidney at 135 lbs. The procedure was scheduled two months later, on his father’s birthday, which went well.

Elijah, meanwhile, was out of hospital and on a diet. He hopes to get back to about 110 lbs, in time for his first day of college.

That didn’t happen

Elijah was so used to overeating that it became a habit.

His college days were spent eating his stress away, gorging on affordable and convenient foods like burgers, fries, pizzas, ice creams, and sodas.

Now, as graduation neared, 22-year-old Elijah is 5’7” and 265 lbs. To provide for his family, he knew he had to secure a job quickly.

On the way to one of his interviews, he had to climb up the stairs. All he could hear was his heart pumping and labored breathing. The next thing he knew, he had woken up on a hospital bed.

His doctor told him that he had blacked out on the stairs and showed early symptoms of kidney failure due to very high blood pressure.

“The doctor told me that if I kept it up, I’d end up like my dad.”

“And with only one kidney left after donation, it was life or death.”

“That’s when I realized, for the sake of my family, I needed to do something about it.”

– Elijah

So, Elijah went on a strict diet and exercise regime.

But everything failed miserably

His parents offered to get him a private nutritionist and fitness coach, but he declined.

He didn’t want his parents to spend more money after his father’s transplant. Elijah knew they didn’t have much left and was against spending more than necessary, especially on himself as it only adds to the family’s financial burdens.

“So, I tried everything that didn’t cost anything – different diets, at-home workouts…”

“But nothing worked.”

–  Elijah

The rapid weight gain for the transplant and his habitual binging had caused Elijah’s body to go in to ‘shock’. His body’s ability to digest food slowed down. This made it difficult to shed the pounds.

His parents were heartbroken

They knew that he was trying to limit his expenses and that he was teased for his weight in school. They were afraid that if this continued, his usual cheerful self would be affected.

“My son gave me the hope to live on my birthday.”

“I thank my son for everything he has done for me.”

“It is now my turn to protect him, to help him.”

– Elijah's Father

With desperation, Elijah’s parents went to plead for help from their family doctor. Seeing their distress, their family doctor introduced them to a colleague, Dr Julius Schenk.

Elijah was introduced to Hibana™

Dr. Julius Schenk was a leading nutrition specialist and was in town for an annual medical conference. He agreed to drop by and meet the family.

Upon hearing Elijah’s story, Dr. Julius Schenk was moved by Elijah’s courage and filial piety and decided to let him in on his recent medical breakthrough.

Dr. Julius Schenk took out a packet and showed it to the family.

“This is Hibana™, created by my team and I for 7 years now.”

“It is infused with 100% natural herbs ingredients which will help to speed up your metabolism, burn more fat, and suppress appetite.”

“When Hibana™ is applied onto the skin, its natural herb extracts will be released into the skin through a transdermal process.”

“The natural fat-burning particles from the herbs will penetrate the underlying fat cells in a sustained fashion.”

“This will break down the fat cells and boost metabolic activity, effectively cleansing our body from toxins and curbing further dietary fat absorption.

“Other key ingredients include mint, apple extract, ivy extract, pineapple extract and minerals which help to reduce cellulite and restore skin elasticity.

–  Dr. Julius Schenk 

Elijah is finally rewarded for his superhero deeds

They decided to let Elijah try it out. Much to the family’s relief, the pounds started to shed.

After I tried it on, I was surprised beyond belief.”

“In just one night, the skin on my stomach felt more firm than dimply.

“This incredible sensation sent my mind into overdrive.

“That Hibana™ could actually work.”

– Elijah

Within a week, he dropped around 9 lbs and in just a month, almost 41 lbs were lost.

Before 3 months passed, he successfully lost a total of 133 lbs!

Elijah was bursting with more energy and spirit than before. He could walk and run without pain in his leg and back caused by extra pounds. His mind was sharper and more focused.

He even landed the job of his dreams, lifting his family out of poverty.

“No act of kindness, however small, goes unrewarded.”

“I knew my son would be saved, just like how he saved me.”

“It’s all made possible thanks to Hibana™.

– Elijah's Father

Elijah’s story of selflessness, courage and composure when it comes to matters of life and death has touched the hearts of millions around the world, including those at Hibana™.

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