Performs Like Real Injured Bait

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Its multi-jointed body allows it to emulate natural prey movements to attract predator fish and trigger strikes

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frequently asked questions

Do these swim as soon as hit the water?

As long as it is being reeled in, yes they swim.

Are colors as described? They look pretty good in the photos.

Yes the colors are as described. When customer received theirs, they were surprised at how they looked like the actual fish!

WilI the joints tear apart easily?


Are these hard or more like a silicone?

They‘re hard, but the piece in between is like a fragile weave of plastic。

Do these actually swim on their own?

They dont swim on thier own like a live fish, but when reeled in towards you, due to the jointed areas on the lure, it does look like it is alive and swimming.

Videos show it swims on its own. Do you need to replace batteries?

It does not Require batteries . When you rail it in the friction it creates makes it seem like it’s swimming but if you stop then it’ll stop moving.

How deep do these swim?

3 to 5 feet, depending how slow you crank it back in.