Indian Rapunzel With The Longest Hair In The World 

Finally Reveals Her ‘Ultimate Hair Growth’ Secret 

With hair that’s 6 feet and 7 inches long, Arya Agarwal has won the award for the teenager with the longest hair in the world.

Her extraordinary achievement has earned the attention and curiosity of millions worldwide. And now she is finally ready to reveal her ‘Ultimate Hair Growth’ secret.

“I owe it all to the treasured heirloom that was passed down to me by my mother when I was young.”

A Treasured Family Heirloom

At the age of 7, Arya was struck by immense grief when her bamboo cutter grandfather passed away in an accident. She became depressed and developed terrible insomnia.

In a desperate attempt to cheer her up, Arya’s mother decided to gift her with a bamboo comb crafted by her late grandfather.

Arya began to gradually recover from her loss now that she had a memento of her beloved grandfather. She used the bamboo comb on her hair every day, and it soon became a daily ritual for her.

As time passed, she noticed that her hair was growing faster, and her hair texture and condition improved greatly. By the time she was 16, her hair was already trailing behind her on the floor, making her look like a real-life Rapunzel and earning her the title of the ‘Indian Rapunzel’ in her village.

News of the ‘Indian Rapunzel’ began to circulate in the village, and it didn’t take long before the whole country knew about Arya and her extraordinary hair.

The Gateway To A Scientific Breakthrough

Dr. Kerri Murphy is an Award-Winning Trichologist with over 23 years of experience in the hair care industry, and she has helped countless people solve their hair problems.

She was working on a research project with her team of professionals in India on a mission to produce new remedies for healthy hair growth using natural ingredients and materials. Believing that it would contribute to the research, Dr. Murphy interviewed Arya to learn about her hair growth secret.

When it was revealed that Arya’s secret was a handcrafted bamboo comb, Dr. Murphy and her team began examining the comb and its relationship with increased hair growth and improved hair health.

This led them to a groundbreaking discovery.

The research showed that the bamboo comb can help stimulate hair follicles and retain the hair’s natural moisture levels that lead to longer, thicker, and healthier hair.

As the wooden teeth of the bamboo comb provide the scalp with gentle massages that promote oxygen and blood flow in the scalp, it helps to stimulate the hair follicles, making them healthier and increase the growth of healthy locks.

The bamboo comb also provides the proper distribution of the scalp’s natural nutrient-rich oils to the rest of the hair, giving them a boost of moisture and keeping dry ends at bay. And unlike conventional hairbrushes and combs, the wooden material of the bamboo comb does not produce static which prevents tangles and frizzy hair.

After encountering this revelation, Dr. Murphy and her team immediately started to experiment with the new knowledge to create the innovative hair care tool that is the Bamboozle™ Bamboo Hairbrush.

The Invention Of A Revolutionary Hair Care Tool

Bamboozle™ is an anti-static hair brush made with 100% natural rubber and sustainable bamboo.
It has wooden bristles that are durable and gentle on the scalp, supplying light massages that stimulate blood flow without damaging the delicate skin on the scalp.

The bristles’ rounded-end design also helps to condition the hair by evenly distributing the hair’s natural oils throughout the entire length of the hair.

Apart from that, the hairbrush’s 100% bamboo pins work to prevent snagging and hair breakage that promotes sleek and easily-manageable locks. As Bamboozle™ Bamboo Hairbrush is artfully hand-carved and sanded, its smooth-textured handle provides a comfortable grip and its attractive design is enough to catch anyone’s eye.
Bamboozle™ is suitable for all hair types, genders, and ages, so everyone can experience the bliss of having beautiful and healthy hair.

Dr. Murphy and her team conducted a trial of the bamboo hairbrush with 640 volunteers with various hair types and textures, and the results were mind-blowing. 

“It was certainly an exciting moment when we found that 95.6% of the volunteers reported increased hair growth, improved hair softness, and reduced hair frizziness.”

Bamboozle™ is an anti-static hair brush made with 100% natural rubber and sustainable bamboo. Its innovative design and technology help to stimulate healthy hair growth and promote silky and nourished hair.

Getting long and luscious hair has never been easier than with Bamboozle™!

As Bamboozle™ is made from bamboo and rubber, it is 100% biodegradable. These materials are sustainably sourced from natural sources without harmful and artificial chemicals.

Ready to say ‘goodbye’ to all your hair concerns? Then get Bamboozle™ today!


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Our Customer Result


Can the Bamboozle™ be used on wet hair? Or is it for dry hair intended use only?

Yes, you can use them on both dry & wet hair.

Are the bristles also eco-friendly?

Yes, The bristle is also eco-friendly, and the bristle is made of bamboo.

Is this brush soft on the scalp when brushing? My 80-year-old dad wants it but needs to make sure it will be soft on the scalp. Thanks.

The brush is soft when combing, the bristles are bamboo, which makes for a soft comb.

Is this gentle enough for thinning/fine hair?

Yes. it even works very well for thick curly hair.

Does it detangle hair too?

Yes. it helps to detangle hair slow & Easy, the result is worth it.