Ensure Pure Air Quality Of Life

Intelligent chip processing Release 20 million negative ions per second, deal with peculiar smell and air impurities, and work continuously to achieve the effect of purifying the air.

  • Cleanse Air

  • Ultra Quite

  • Eco-Friendly

  • No Filter Replacement

Our Mission

We Are On A Mission To Deliver Low-Cost Real-World Solutions To Combat Indoor Air Pollution And Bring Cleaner Air To Every Home. We Aim To Provide Practical Solutions That Keep Your Home, Office, And Living Spaces Safe, Healthy, And Protected, So You Can Let The Freshest Air Come To You.

Prevent The Indoor Air Pollution (The Invisible Enemy of Allergy Sufferers)

Prevent The Indoor Air Pollution(The Invisible Enemy of Allergy Sufferers)

How it works?

Easy To Use & Economical

  • Release Ions At High Concentrations To Eliminate An Unpleasant Odor From The Room

  • Remove Smell, Pollutants, Smoke, Cigarette Smell, Germs, Bacteria, And Dust In The Air

  • No Need To Replace Any Filter Element

Powerful Purification

Remove Impurities & Harmful Particle as following below:

Silent design Technological breakthrough

  • Simply Plug-In Power Supply & Turn it On

  • suitable for 100-220V AC, no USB

  • Auto Work for 2 hours & Stop for 20 minutes, And then auto On again without any noise. (Repeat)

  • The effective area is about 20-30 square meters

Suitable for Most Indoor Area

Keep the air clean & safe

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What power source and voltage is suitable for the IonQair™?

This IonQair™ Ionizer Air Purifier is suitable for 100-220V AC, no USB, plug-in power supply.

What footage area this device will cover? Do I need one per room or more?

This IonQair™ Ionizer Air Purifier will circulate after it is powered on. Usually, the effective area is 20-30 square meters, and it is suggested that each room should have at least one.

Does it generate ozone?

No, the IonQair™ Ionizer Air Purifier Only release negative ions which work by neutralizing odours and harmful substances in the air.

Does it cause any radiation?

No, the  IonQair™ Ionizer Air Purifier Only release negative ions.

Does the filter need to be replaced?

No need to replace any filter for An Ionizer.

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