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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long will one bottle last?

One bottle will last you about 3-4 weeks! The best results come from uninterrupted use so recommend you stock up on more than one bottle so you can keep going even when one runs out you can keep going!

Is it organic?

Minoxrise™ Hair Growth Serum is ALL NATURAL! There are NO chemicals in our Minoxrise™ Hair Growth Serum.

What is the best way to use this for fast hair growth?

We Recommend You Apply It During Morning And Night Everyday. Massage Your Scalp For 1 To 10 Minutes To Get The Best Result For Your Hair Growth.

Is It For Everyone Or Only For Specific Audience To Use?

Everyone. No matter your gender, ethnicity, and or hair type. Our Minoxrise™ Hair Serum is equally effective for absolutely everyone.

What To Expect Result?

The vast majority of people see faster hair growth and new re-growth (baby hairs) that is noticeable after 1 week of consistent use. You will more than likely see visible results with apply 2 times a day (Morning & Night).

What If I Had An Allergic Reaction To Your Product?

We advise you read the ingredients carefully. Some people can have coconut, avocado, etc. type allergies. We recommend you discontinue use immediately in the event that you do have an allergic reaction.

I have hair loss since 17 years old, am I suitable to use it?

Yes. Early prompt solution will reduce the hair loss condition and lead to better prognosis (outcome/results).

I have spot hair baldness since last week after huge stress from work and it grows bigger, can it be treated?

Yes. This is a treatable condition. Our Minoxrise™ Serum is the effective solution for you.

How many bottles do I need for my bald hair?

We recommend 3 bottles, apply them 2 to 3 times per day, continuously use them for about 3 months for the best result. You will see your hair will become fuller and thicker.

I have hair loss issue after child birth, am I suitable to use this?

Yes. This will minimize the chance of further hair loss.

Is it safe to use shampoo before applying the serum?

Yes. Our solution has no restriction on daily hair care products to use at home.

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