World's Rarest Conjoined Twins Discovered 

Who Separated Their Minds Into Individual Geniuses

When Joanne Hoffman went for her regular ultrasound one day, she was thrilled when the doctors told her she was having twins.

But a twist of fate causes their babies to have a survival rate of only 15%.

Lily and Rose are one of 120,000 people who are connected in this way. They were diagnosed with many possible disabilities if they grew up.

In the end, the doctors gave both parents a choice between:

Live with conjoined babies with a 15% survival rate 


Surgically separating them with a success rate of only 50%

An Impossible Decision

"It was a difficult choice, but I couldn't take losing any of them." 

"They are God's gift to me, and I cherish them in every way."

"They grow in my womb every day, and my love for them grows even deeper."

"If I could, I would be her mother for another million lifetimes."

"Even after they were born, I never stopped pleading with the doctor. "

"I know the surgery has risks, but it's the only chance for them to survive." 

- Joanne, Mother

After a few years of deliberation and research to plan the surgery, Dr. Holt Williams, chief of neurosurgery at John Hopkins, was called in to perform a grueling 25-hour operation in the operating room.

After much blood and sweat in the hospital, and tears from the parents, the twins were successfully split individually.

“In my 20 years as a surgeon, this was my most challenging moment."

"The surgery was a monumental advance in the medical industry."

 "Brain scans show that both twins have normal functionality."

"And they could lead a healthy, ordinary life." 

–Dr Williams

They grew up as non-identical twins

Little was known about the twins, who grew up extremely differentlyLily excelled at everything she did until she was five years oldShe could act out her favourite cartoons and do math homework at home.

But the same couldn't be said for Rose:

"Rose would have tantrums every day, suddenly yelling at everyone."

" She couldn't concentrate on any task, whether it was reading, writing or watching TV. "

"One night, this is the most shocking time of my life, I found out Rose's body wouldn't stop moving."

"A few minutes later, she was suffering a full-fledged epileptic episode on the ground." 

– Joanne

The root of the problem has been found

Rose was taken to the hospital, and Dr. Williams came to take care of her, where they ran tests to determine the cause of all this.

“Tests show that part of Rose's frontal lobe is underdeveloped. It is a part of the brain that determines learning and concentration."

"Compared to her twin Lily, the size seems even smaller!"

"It decreases the brain's ability to make connections with surrounding neurons, causing mood swings, decreased intellect and a sense of loss of focus."

 "It's a phenomenon often seen in the aging brains of older adults, especially those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer."

"But it's an unpredictable outcome for Rose's mind years later." 

–Dr Williams

As a neurosurgeon who has been trying to prevent this deterioration, Dr. Williams saw this as an opportunity to test a prototype from long ago.

The Sanctuary of Learning and Knowledge

While studying in Japan years ago, Dr. Williams observed how all the local doctors were extremely bright, no matter their age. Some doctors were as young as 18 years old, while the oldest was 96 years old!

When Dr. Williams had difficulties with his studies and research, he couldn't help but ask his Japanese colleagues how they dealt with it.

It was then that one of his companions took him to the Yushima Tenjin Shrine. It is said to be a place of worship to the God of Learning and Knowledge.

Where every spring, Japan's top scholars and students gather to pray for intelligence and wisdom surrounded by blooming clary sage plants.

“After visiting it, I felt more focused than ever!"

 "I could understand foreign language lessons at lightning speed and I passed all the exams I took at the university."


"So I graduated early and made the honor roll in the same year. "

"In a way, I am a surgeon today, and I have to thank the shrine too."

 –Dr Williams

The aroma for the growth of intelligence

Dr. Williams went back to determine the cause of his sudden change, and found that the scent of a fully blooming clary sage was his answer!

“Going to the shrine was a custom for the locals, so they considered it as a divine worship…"

" But they never realized that it was actually centuries of undiscovered science!"

 "I took samples for the investigation, and I found components of Alpha-Terpineol..."

"A therapeutic compound for brain development and a natural antioxidant.”

"It prevents the decrease in acetylcholine in our brain, which helps us learn new information and prevent the brain from shrinking."

"Rose's mind is young and should be constantly growing, unlike adults."

" Which makes this the perfect key to unlocking Rose's problem." 

–Dr Williams

Dr. Holt Williams, chief of neurosurgery 

Two Geniuses Like Two Drops Of Water

Rose's parents were instructed to apply the substance to her temples, using a diffuser every night before bed

Over the next month, her results exceeded anyone's expectations!

"Rose is better behaved every day since then!"

 "Her epileptic episodes never came back and she lives without tantrums! "

"She is always smiling, reading and reciting his favorite books."

 “Best of all, she and her sister get along like two peas in a pod.”

 “Both of them can even complete elementary school level homework.”

“It's wonderful, and my heart fills to see my daughters happy." 

– Joanne

They went back to Dr. Williams for evaluation, and even he was impressed.

"Rose's MRI results showed millions of neurons actively transmitting information."

  " And newly developed neurons branch off forming complicated neural networks."

"Compared to months ago, her brain is growing at a steady rate!" 

–Dr Williams

The Birth of Sagenius™

Dr. Williams realized that this could help anyone overcome enormous mental obstacles, and he wasted no time in assembling a team of biochemists and neuroscientists.

To perfect its formula using state-of-the-art hydrodistillation methods. Years of development later, he named his creation Sagenius™.

“Made with the purest Clary Sage extract known to date, Sagenius™ works by channeling Alpha-Terpineol through the olfactory system."

 "They act as a catalyst to trigger the growth of neurons in the brain."

"Nurturing the growth of dendrites in billions of neurons, linking their connections, and ensuring that they are always attached."

"Sagenius™ increases the brain's cognitive reasoning ability and memory retention. And it helps people tap into their brain's fundamental concentration abilities."

 "Without sacrificing mental fatigue and brain cell deterioration."

 "It extends the range of the maximum memory retention capacity of the human being."

 "And tenfold brainpower even after aging for decades!” 

–Dr Williams

Becoming The World's Youngest Honors Graduated Twins

Since its launch, Sagenius™ has received praise from academics and professors around the world. It has made more than 100,000 users become the most brilliant minds in the world.

Today, one of those brilliant minds is none other than 15-year-old Rose herself!

"Honestly, the first few years of my life were a struggle for me."

 "But after years, I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel."

 "With the help of Dr. Williams' Sagenius™, everything changed!"

 "It's like the clouds part and I finally see what I've been missing in life."

"Now, whatever I choose to learn, I can be absorbed in an instant! "

"That's how my sister and I went to high school together."

"We graduated early, becoming our school's first honors graduate twins!” 


"Even though Rose and Lily fought for their lives from the moment they were born…" 

"They have beaten all odds to become the bright young minds they are destined to be."

 "I am glad that Sagenius™ helps people go beyond their destiny.” 

–Dr Williams

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