This is a story of how an abandoned dog infested with countless of fleas made a remarkable recovery

I was walking home from work one day when I heard a loud whimper. After a few minutes of scouting, I found a dog hiding at the garbage area near my house. So I brought some leftover dinner to feed him.

I fed him every day, until the 5th day, he stood out of hiding. That's when I saw his collar that says “Rocco”; what I also saw was his horribly matted fur covered with fleas. He was basically being eaten alive! Without much thought, I brought him to the nearest vet.

A second lease on life and a new home

When the vet saw Rocco, he was in shock at the sheer number of fleas on Rocco’s body. He quickly led his team and set Rocco up for an emergency blood transfusion. 250ml of blood and seven baths later, Rocco is finally healthy and flea-free. Now, Rocco is ready to go home. But where to?

In attempt to track down his owner, I followed the address written behind Rocco’s collar. It led me to an abandoned house just two rows behind mine. According to neighbors, Rocco belonged to a lonely old lady who passed away months ago. So now Rocco has nowhere to go to, and there’s no way I’m leaving Rocco back in the streets again.

I thought long and hard, and finally decided to take Rocco in, despite it being a burdensome load for someone living on a minimum wage like me. Thankfully, the vet was kind enough to allow me to pay the fees by instalments. I took Rocco home and started my life as a dog-owner.

A tough fight against recurring flea infestation

I don’t know much about dogs. All I know is to feed them and bring them for walks, which I did. Every evening I take Rocco to our neighborhood park, and Rocco loves it because he gets to run around and play with other dogs.

A month later, as I was just brushing Rocco’s fur, I realized he had some fleas on him again. I was shocked and wanted to bring Rocco back to the vet. Then I remembered that the previous instalment was not done yet, how am I going to afford another trip to the vet?

I went to the pet shop to look for products that can help kill fleas. First, I tried the flea comb that can remove fleas by combing the fur. It does its job, but it doesn't remove fleas entirely as it is easy to miss the deeper spots. Then I tried the flea control spray, thinking it would be the best solution. But after two days I realize Rocco is getting very bad rashes. So I ditched it, and tried the anti-flea shampoo. It worked well at first, but soon enough it started drying up Rocco’s skin, leaving him to scratch his back all day.

No matter what I did, the fleas still came back. I suspect that Rocco had gotten the fleas from the other dogs he played with at the park. What’s worse is I had to spring-clean every corner of the house weekly to avoid flea infestation. And I just don’t have the time for that, it’s just too much work! In the end, I decided that Rocco is not going out anymore.

For about two weeks, every time after finishing his food, Rocco would sit by the gate, waiting to go out. Some nights he doesn't even want to get in the house. I know how much Rocco misses running in the park and playing with his friends, but I just can’t risk Rocco catching on fleas again.

An ingenious invention, a godsent savior

One day as I was walking home, I met one of the pet-owner in the neighborhood. He asked me why he doesn’t see Rocco at the park anymore these days. I opened up to him about Rocco’s problem with fleas, that’s when he shared his secret with me…

“Oh I know how that’s like, it’s a lot of work. My dog Rascal was there too, covered in fleas every time after our walks. I once stopped taking Rascal out for the exact same reason. But ever since I started using this, it has never been a problem anymore. You see this on Rascal’s collar? It’s the Ultrasonic Flea Repellent.”

 – Ken Barrett, neighboring pet-owner

A product of the collaboration between product engineers and senior vets, Poochie™ Ultrasonic Flea Repellent is the most affordable and convenient solution to eradicate fleas and pests permanently. It keeps fleas and other pests away by emitting ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and pets. Furthermore, it has a wide coverage, repelling bugs up to 26 square feet away. All you need to do is to attach it to your pet’s collar before he goes outdoors.

A remarkable outcome and a forever happy life

As soon as I got hold of the Poochie™ Ultrasonic Flea Repellent, I attached it onto Rocco’s collar. After a week, I did a thorough check on Rocco. To my surprise, there were NO fleas at all! Another month passed, I did a thorough check on Rocco again after our walk… Rocco was totally flea-free! It is unbelievable. This Poochie™ Ultrasonic Flea Repellent really works wonders, it is truly a godsent savior.

Keep your pet safe from fleas and unwanted pests effortlessly

From my experience, flea infestation is completely preventable and should not be taken lightly.

If you and your pet are suffering from the same problem as we did, you should definitely get Poochie™ Ultrasonic Flea Repellent. 

Keeping your pet safe from fleas isn’t as difficult as you think. This is one of the easiest things you could do for them!