Patching Walls like a pro

fast & Effective

the only mending agent on the market that is non-toxic and 100% safe

Perfect repair for:

  • cracked walls

  • peeling walls

  • pinholes

  • wall pimples

  • wall graffiti


Every mending agent out there contains a slew of toxins that are extremely harmful to people, pets, and the environment.

FastMend™ is a carefully formulated mending agent that is both Non-Toxic and effective.

Compatible with:

  • Drywall

  • Ceramic tile

  • stucco

  • plaster

  • concrete

  • stone veneer

  • Brick

  • Wood

Guaranteed to fix any wall & Ceiling!

Get the job done fast & Effective

Sand it. Paint it. 

FastMend™ is 100% Mold Proof so it can be used indoors, outdoors and on wet areas.

How is this any difference from others?

How to use

Easy & Quick fix for wall flaws


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Is FastMend™ The Right Choice For My Wall Or Ceiling?

FastMend™ is specially formulated to ensure it is compatible with any type of wall or ceilings. Just to name a few it is compatible with: Drywall, Ceramic Tile, Stucco, Plaster, Concrete, Stone Veneer, Brick, Wood.

How Is FastMend™ Different From Another Mending Agent On The Market?

FastMend™ has a unique texture that is meant to be more flexible, durable, resilient, heat-resistant (Up to 600F), and 100% Waterproof not to mention 100% Non-Toxic.

Once dry, It's sturdy enough to hold a nail or screw. The repair will be virtually invisible and give a professional look. The best part is it is 100% Safe.

What're the ingredients and is it cruelty-free?

Great question! IT is a special formulation of wall glue, resin, and carbonate cover that is 100% non-Toxic and completely safe to use. It's carefully formulated to be 100% waterproof, Mold Proof, non-corrosive, non-toxic, cruelty-free, perfectly safe for kids, pets, and chemically sensitive individuals.

Can you use this on a ceiling with water stains and wall tape that peeled off?

Yes. It’s designed to paint over. It leaves a smooth coat and easy painting over PLUS it's waterproof.

Can you mix it with paint to match your walls?

We recommended fix the wall first before paint on your walls.

Can it fix the wall damage done by screws or torn paint?

Yes. Just paint over the wall and it can fix any wall damage on the wall.