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Anti Snore Clipper™ promotes nasal breathing which reduces or eliminates snoring

How does it work?

Anti Snore Clipper™ attempts to increase your airflow through your nostrils using magnetic acupressure on your septum. While the pressure point is activated, this ensures that there is less airway resistance in the nasal passages.

In other words, this allows the air you breathe in to flow more easily through the nose and into the lungs.

Once the body realizes that nasal breathing is no longer restricted, it should automatically switch from mouth to nose breathing (which is much healthier) and snoring should stop.

Simply apply Anti Snore Clipper™ into the nasal opening before going to sleep.

Gentle pressure allows nasal breathing.

This amazing invention works the whole night, without any drugs and without interrupting sleep. Better sleep can lead to wonderful benefits. It can improve your mood, health, energy and performance.

A normal and healthy sleep cycle should include at least 25% at deep sleep, by relieving snoring effectively, stop disturbing your sleeping partner immediately, and guarantee your body rest and regenerate well.

What makes Anti Snore Clipper™ so unique?

Designed to fit any shape of nostrils, it is highly effective in improving quality of sleep. 

What makes it a perfect choice is that it is flexible, easy to wash and wear.

Additionally, the built-in magnets keep it from falling out during the night.

Anti Snore Clipper™ puts an end to snoring and allows you and your partner to enjoy a high quality deep sleep.

Anti Snore Clipper™ - 

Magnetic Anti-Snore Sleeping Aid

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How do I wear my Anti Snore Clipper™?

Anti Snore Clipper™ is comfortable and easy to wear. Place your Anti Snore Clipper™ inside your nostrils, adjust the position a couple times while the device is inserted in order to find the perfect position and the desired comfort for your nostrils.

How do I clean my Anti Snore Clipper™?

We recommend cleaning your Anti Snore Clipper™ after each use with mild, soapy warm water and then air dry your Anti Snore Clipper™.

How does Anti Snore Clipper™ work?

Anti Snore Clipper™ could be the perfect solution for everyone who snores at night. Using acupressure and magnetic therapy, this anti-snoring device attempts to help stop snoring. It is a great device for all walks of life and ages.

Can I use my Anti Snore Clipper™ for anything else?

Yes! Anti Snore Clipper™ can improve your breathing during a cold or when you have nasal congestion. In addition, you may use the Anti Snore Clipper™ when you do sports, such as jogging, basketball or hiking, which may allow you to breathe better and more effectively.

 Is Anti Snore Clipper™ comfortable?

Anti Snore Clipper™ is made of soft, BPA-free silicone, is comfortable to wear, and applicable to any shape of nostrils.

How long will it take to stop snoring ?

It depends on difference individual, most of the customer stop snoring at the first day, while some of the customer take less than 3 days to stop snoring.

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