A random prank begins a surprising journey: Bryce Goes From 224 lbs to 120 lbs & Wins Miss South Carolina

When her frenemies submitted her name as a prank for a pageant, Bryce Alistair embraced the spotlight as Miss South Carolina.

After shedding half of her mass, going from 224 to 120, Bryce is no longer the shy girl that hides inside a baggy, shapeless tee. She found her confidence and shut down haters.

All thanks to her ‘Bod Burner’. Showing anyone could achieve their dreams, just some help. If you know anyone struggling with low metabolism share Bryce’s story.

Bryce was put down by bullying and jokes

Bryce was once extremely self-conscious about herself. She was on the rounder side and she was bullied for it. But one day, the popular girls in college befriended her.

“They pretended to be my besties but made shady comment” 

“To chip away at what’s left of my self-esteem.” - Bryce Alistair

Their excuse was that they were ‘keeping it real‘. Those incidents left her in a vicious cycle of turning to food for comfort. And regretting the outcome as she became bigger. She was often served back-handed compliments. Like she was pretty for a big girl. But what broke her, one day was when she found out her friends pranked her by enlisting her name in a beauty pageant. She tried to be strong, but often the negativity caused her once again. 

She knew she needed to start losing some pounds

Return to her bad habits of overeating, but as she pondered, she realized the power to change is in her hands. Bryce had enough of being the victim. She needed to take back the control of herself, and prove them all wrong by transforming herself for the pageant. 

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t lose weight”

She searched high and low for a solution that worked. She hit the gym every day and tried intermittent fasting. Sadly, nothing worked for her. 

After all the failed attempts, she decided maybe it’s not worth the effort at all. Just as she was about to give up, she saw a post of her frenemies in swimwear. Bryce burned with so much motivation, she vowed to look even better than them. This time she considered liposuction as the last resort to get rid of her extra burden. However, due to her financial situation, she simply could not afford such a costly procedure.

A glimmer of hope

Her doctor took pity on her and told her a cheaper alternative. She referred Bryce to the leading nutrition specialist, Dr. Julius Schenk. A new stride in the medical industry is making headlines worldwide.

This health revelation is known as Hibana™ Patch. A leading nutritionist explains the science behind it.

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“Our team developed a highly-concentrated way to include ketosis by delivering it into the body through absorption technique.”- Dr. Julius Schenk

“Once ketosis is introduced into the body, fats will start to melt away.” - Dr. Julius Schenk

Aside from looking better, the medical industry stands behind this, as it helps many overweight people to cut their BMI and reduce their risk. Of developing hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

“The application is easy too. Just stick one on your stomach area before you sleep nightly for 30 days.” - Dr. Julius Schenk

“Then watch the brilliant chemical reaction take place.” - Dr. Julius Schenk

“The best thing about this technique is that it eliminates all the downsides of ketosis diet like bad breath, brain fog and loss of energy.” - Dr. Julius Schenk

Completing the Transformation

Bryce was skeptical at first but she was so desperate she was willing to try anything. 

In just one night the skin on her belly started tightening. Bryce thought to herself this could actually work. After just 3 days, her jeans felt looser and her belly felt flatter. Bryce realized she had lost 1 dress size. Encouraged by the results, Bryce felt like she can do more. Even her critical mom started to compliment her on the change.

At the end of the month, Bryce had to buy new pants because she had lost 2 sizes. For the first time in years, she was confident enough to take a selfie. Bryce kept using Hibana™ Patch for another month and lost another 3 sizes. After three months, Bryce looked like a brand new woman. This time even her mother almost didn’t recognize her because Bryce had lost a total of 10 sizes.

“With my transformation, I feel like I have conquered the world.” - Bryce Alistair

When she graced the pageant stage and became Miss South Carolina, everyone was shocked. Her frenemies wanted to hang around her to share the limelight. Bryce told them…

“Bless your hearts. What you did, fueled my transformation and I owe that to you.” 

“But i will never be friends with toxic people, just keeping it real.” - Bryce Alistair

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