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Nurelax™ Anti Wrinkle Patches 

gain a smoother, charming face, younger looking cleavage,  chest and neck with these adhesive silicone pads

  • Easy to wear

  • Obvious effect

  • Comfortable and safe to use


True Wrinkle Busters

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone

  • Eliminate Wrinkles On Neck Area

  • Smooth and skin-friendly design is made for repeated uses of up to 30 times. (When cared for Properly)

How the pads work

  • Locks in moisture

  • Slows down skin aging

  • Helps rehydrate dry skin

  • Boosts collagen production

  • Aids tightening of skin pores

  • Helps keep breasts apart for side-sleepers

  • Prevents new wrinkles & folds from forming

  • Eases lines caused by natural aging or sun damage

These Wrinkle Patches Are For You If You are:


Better adhesion

Contours to fit any face shape

400% thicker silicone layer

Gentle on skin, harsh on wrinkles

150%+ Durability

Lasts as long as 30 days with proper care!

Why Choose Nurelax™ Silicone Patches?

Ultra-hydrating with Occlusion Effect

Nurelax™ patches, when attached to the skin, form a microclimate between the patch and the skin, ultimately creating an occlusion effect on your skin. The occlusion effect minimizes water loss from your skin. Moisture in your skin helps the skin’s outermost layer to build a barrier against any potential harmful effects to your skin. The occlusion effect increases hydration to this outer layer, ultimately reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. By increasing the skin’s surface temperature and increasing blood flow, occlusion also helps your skin to look and feel more healthy!

Medical Grade Silicone

Nurelax™ anti-wrinkle patches use silicone that has been tested for use in medical applications. The patches are soft, mild and gentle for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Nurelax development team produces our wrinkle patches in the same manufacturing environment as medical scar healing patches. These patches are designed to be worn safely on skin for long periods of time. They contain no toxins and are nonporous, resisting bacterial growth.

How To Use

[After every use it is recommended you give the neck wrinkle pad a quick cleansing with oil-free soap to keep skin clean and maximize its utility.]

Package Included:

2 Type package To Choose 

11 Pcs Set

18 Pcs Set


  • No Chemical Adhesives

  • Non-Invasive

  • Side-Effect Free

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Our happy customers

What people are saying


Does the adhesion cover the whole piece? Will the silicone stay in place?

Yes, the adhesion covers all of each piece. If your face is shaped like mine (sunken cheeks, close set eyes), the the edges of the piece will not adhere to the skin. The forehead and chest pieces adhere well.

Do you wash pads after every use?

Just remove the pad and peel off the plastic shield, do not discard the shield, keeps it to store the pad; Wash it with soap and water after use, avoid using moisturizing oil or cleansing agent, leave air-dried and keep adhesive side upward; Do not use towel to wipe, dry and put it back into the plastic shield, do not use on broken skin.

How long do you leave the pad under your eyes?

Up to you. You can do overnight, or just for an hour or 2.

Are these strips for new lines only? Will they work well on deeper lines as well?

You'll notice find wrinkles or new lines smoothen right after using them. However for deeper lines, you may have to use them for months before you see noticable difference.

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