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Frequently Asked question (FAQ)

what car does it work for?

Ez Gauge™ tire valve cap literally just work for every car, motorcycle even bicycle! but for use on 32-36 psi is recommended.

How Does It Work?

Green/yellow/red system indicate level of proper tire inflation. According the recognize color to display the pressure of the tire ,Green shows that tire pressure is normal. Yellow shows that the pressure is 10% lower than standard. Red alerts you that the pressure is 25% lower than standard.

How does it work?Can You Tell How To Use It In Detail?

just simply replace normal tire valve care with Ez Gauge™ Tire Valve Cap . It shows whether your tire pressure is getting low, good to go or needs to be fixed immediately.

Is is safe to use?

Absolutely safe.  It Is Visable To Remove Them Before Your Car Is Serviced At A Garage. When removing a cap. make sure that you do not lose the black washer. They are inclined to fall out and are very difficult to find again. 

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