Lipzo lip balm - Smooth, kissable lips for men

LipZo – The Smoker’s Lip Balm for Men

  • Lighten your lips

  • Nourishment for healthier and fuller lips

  • Prevents damage from UV rays
  • Repair the damage caused by extreme weather
  • Moisturizes and hydrates
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Lip awkwardness

Dry and rough

Lips lack vitality, dull

Dry cracked peeling

Lip lines are obvious and embarrassing

Dull lips

Caused by lack of water on the lips, serious lip makeup stripping off

  • Smoke-darkened lips are no longer a problem

LipZo Lip Balm for Men helps bring your lips

back to their natural shade

while moisturizing and protecting them

against further damage

  • Lightens: your lips will be revived to their natural shade.

  • Moisturises: This lip balm moisturises and hydrates your lips.

  • Makes healthy: It makes them plumper, fuller and healthier.

  • Prevents chapping: It prevents dryness or chapping of the lips.

  • Quick tip: Apply and leave it overnight for best results.

  • Suitable for

Urgent repair

Night Lip Mask

Improve lips texture

  • Quick application in 3 steps

Cleanse your face before using and pat dry.

Rotate 1cm to 2cm to prevent breaking the lip balm.

When the lips are dry and peeled, gently tear off the dead skin and apply. Otherwise, apply gently on your lips.

*Quick tip: Apply it twice daily for best results.

The Natural Fix for Dark Lips

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% confident about our product that we’ll give you a FULL REFUND if it doesn’t work well.

Order now with complete confidence and if it’s not for you, just send the product with fultag , tag and we’ll give you your money back within 30 days.

  • Real Reviews from Real People

Gary Howard

I bought this as a gift for my daughter's boyfriend for his birthday.

I haven't met him yet, so I asked her what he likes.

She said "WEll, he likes chapstick!"

Okay.....sounds like a weird gift to me, but I picked these out because of the name! Ha!

Apparently he loved it. He said he was going to get rid of all his crummy, run of the mill chapstick and just use this.

So, I guess it was an okay gift after all.

He was even excited enough about it to show it to his parents.

Now, when I ask her how he's doing, I also ask if he's still rugged and dapper! Ha!

Robert Horrell

Now that I'm back ordering my third set, I figured it's time I left a review. My son is on a very strong acne medication, and his skin is as dry as the Sahara. At the same time, he hates all lotions and "goop," as he calls it. He doesn't mind this lip balm, though. It also doesn't contain any kind of nut oil, which he is allergic to. It keeps his lips from cracking, and it's got a pleasant smell/taste. All-around, a total win.

Jack Govan

I'm a big fan of lip balm. Especially since my lips get dry in the Midwest cold climates in December, January, and February. This particular lip balm has been the best I have used so far. It sticks around for a while and is not messy or greasy like some lip balms I have bought and used before. I recommend buying the package so you can have this really good lip balm for a while.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the product help get rid of stains caused by smoking?

The lip balm is made using Vitamin E and Liquorice Oil. Together, the two of them help heal your lips from previously caused damage and protect them against new.

Q: Is the lip balm petroleum based?

Our lip lightening balm is absolutely petroleum-free and is made from beeswax instead to ensure that your lips get all the goodness they deserve. 

Q: Does the product have SPF?

No, the lip lightening balm does not contain any SPF, but it has Vitamin E that helps shield your lips from sun damage

Q: Will my lips go back to their actual shade?

 Be consistent and generous while using the product and wait for the goodness to unravel.

Q: Can I use it daily?

Yes, you can use our lip balm on a daily basis. Apart from being a lip lightener it also helps soothe and moisturize your lips.


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