400 pounds at 16 years old, Incredible weight loss journey for love

This picture is taken when he was 16 years old, at that time his weight was already 400 pounds. He born to be bigger than everyone else with the same age due to his eating habits. When he was in kinder garden, his teacher even though he came to the wrong class. 

But someone appear and make him step out his first step on his weight loss journey.

“I changed everything about myself to get the girl of my dreams.”

“When I first laid eyes on her, it was pure love at first sight.”

“But I felt so nervous after being rejected so many times by other woman.”

“It wasn’t until I found my ‘Bod Bunner’ and changed myself.”

“That I found the courage to approach her and tell her my true feelings.”

– Deway Johnson

How I Met My Dream Girl

Deway Johnson’s love story began on the train he used to travel to work. That was when he spotted the woman that took his breath away.

“Every morning when I got on the train.”

“She would be there, at the same seat, quietly staring out the window."

“I wanted to talk to her and get to know her.”

“But every girl I liked wouldn’t notice me, even though I was nice to them”

“Maybe my rounder figure made them feel I was cute and cuddly as a friend”

“But girls also seem to prefer going dashing ‘bad boys.”

- Deway Johnson

That girl was a breathtaking beauty. He is worry about the girl might friendzone him, telling her his feeling might be a mistake. All these thoughts kept Deway from making the first move...

Jealousy become my fuel to reduce weight

One day, Deway saw a random stranger flirting with her. She was laughing at what the guy was saying.

“ I felt a pain inside me.”

“The man was better looking, and in better shape than I did.”

“If only I looked like that, I might have my shot at getting to know her.”

“I couldn’t just sit and wait anymore.”

“My chance was disappearing right before my eyes.”

“So I made a plan to change myself.”

– Deway Johnson

Deway started to comit himself to exercising more and eating less. But after 3 month, nothing has changed.

He went to see a nutritionist to find out what he was doing wrong.

How I met my life saver

The doctor told Deway that he was born with low metabolism, and thats why his weight loss will forever stagnate, no matter what. 

But all hope was not lost. The doctor prescribed him a metabolism booster, Hibana™ , created by Dr. Alan Hartman, a nutrition specialist.

“Hibana™ is revolutionary because it puts the body in the state of fat burning ketosis without having to go through the ketosis plan.”

“Its a new research path that is bringing in amazing results.”

"Hibana™ has helped over 50,000 high-risk patients.”

“By dropping their scale’s numbers and giving them their second chance.”

“Since I started introducing Hibana™ into their treatments...”

"Medical reports for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension dropped.”

“All we ask of our patients is consistency.”

“Stick Hibana™ on your stomach every night for 30 days.”

“And watch your life change.”

– Dr. Julius Schenk

Weight Loss Like A Balloon Leaking

After Deway tried it out, he was surprised beyond belief. It was just the boost he needed all this time!

“In just one night, the skin on my stomach felt more firm than dimply."

“This incredible sensation sent my mind into overdrive."

"That Hibana™ could actually work.”

“After just 3 days, I lost one dress size and my shirt was looser.

“I started to change how I felt about my body.”

“At the end of the month, I lost a staggering 3 sizes."

“I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror.”

– Deway Johnson

turn myself from a big truck to a ferrari

After a month, Deway was confident enough to take pictures with his family again. None of his family recognizes him since he have lost a total of 147 pounds.

“I couldn’t believe how much my life had changed for the better.”

“I finally made my move and introduced myself to her.”

“To my surprise, she had taken notice of me, even before my transformation.”

"She was just waiting and hoping that I would come up to her one day.”

“My heart melted when she said she liked me, no matter my size or look.”

“We got close to each other and we’ve been together even since.”

“In fact, we ‘re looking to tie the knot later this year.”

– Deway Johnson

a revolutionary gift to the world

With many medical remedies costing an arm and a leg, Dr. Julius Schenk knew his innovation could turn the tides on these prices. He chose to holistically manufacture Hibana™ to keep prices low. So that anyone can use it, rich or poor.

“As of 2021, almost seven hundred thousands units have been sold worldwide.”

“Hibana™ has even caught the attention of prestigious medical magazines, such as Medical Daily and Health Today.

“Hibana™ also been endorsed by the International Health Federation as effective.

“While American organization Modern Medicine recommends daily use for overall health.

“Capable of reduce your weight ,curbs appetite and increases the feeling of being full.”

– Dr. Julius Schenk

So what are you waiting for? Join thousands of others who have shimmying into their jeans again!

Say goodbye to those pesky flabs and reclaim a energetic body today with Hibana™.