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Burn excess fat & calories by increasing metabolism in a natural way.

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Hibana™ Patch 5.0 Ⅵ - Premium

Hibana™ Slimming Patch

The  World' First Weight Loss Solution

The Leading Nutritionist, Dr. Julius Schenk said:

"The active ingredient turns energy-storing white fat into energy brown fat to boost the metabolism to help in weight loss."


We recommend an Overweight person apply 2 pcs (Morning & Night) of patches for 8 hours per pcs. For the best result, Apply it for 6 months continuously.

For a tubby person, we recommended applying 1 pcs per day for 8 hours for 3 months continuously.

$51.90 $25.95

Maintain Hourglass body with just a spray every day.

5 Times Calories Burn Effect

EMS Technology



Our Testimony Feedback

Best Thing I Did for my Sensitive Skin in 2021

I had major reservations before buying this product. Most concerning of all was how my sensitive skin/keratosis pilaris and would react. But, as a hairy human, I was tired of the irritation/redness from every other hair removing process (shaving, waxing, epilating). By the time my skin calmed down, the hair was growing back. So, when quarantine hit, I took the plunge and bought this handset. And WOW am I impressed. I did my legs, arms, and underarms. I shaved before bed and used the device the next morning to not irritate my skin. During the first 3 weeks, I noticed my hair development SIGNIFICANTLY slow down. And I was only using it at a level 3 out of 5. The real results happened during weeks 4 through 8. I was able to move up to a level 4 all around. Many areas were no longer growing hair and the spots that were had thin and slow-growing hair. Weeks 9-12 mainly cleaned up the areas that still had hair. Am I completely hairless? No, and I didn’t expect to be. But the hair that I do have is not very visible at all. It’s crazy what a difference hair can make in our lives, but I feel a lot more confident in my skin and that feeling is amazing.

- Shirley Sutton, New York

REMOVE SUPERFLUOUS HAIR; Leaves Skin Smooth And Supple



The tummy control is strong and amazing

Fit perfectly and never rolled down! Control was strong too!

This has great shape! It is tricky to pull on at first but definitely stays in place and does a great job smoothing out everything. I tried on many different outfits with it and thought it did the best with pulling everything in without sacrificing comfort.

- Anaiya Hurley, New York



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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces do I need to apply per day for the Hibana Patch?

It depends on your body weight or how big is you specific area fat is.

We do recommend an Overweight person apply 2 pcs (Morning & Night) of patches for 8 hours per pcs. For the best result, Apply it for 6 months continuously.

For a tubby person, we recommended applying 1 pcs per day for 8 hours for 3 months continuously.

*You may add more pieces according to your need.

What is the most suitable time to apply the Hibana patch?

Applied the Hibana™ patch on your specific area before going to bed.

It will helps to detox & tightening your skin while you sleep.

Promote weight loss & Increase metabolism rate.

You will saw the difference within 1 months!

Do I need to stay diet or exercise while using the Hibana patch? 

Stay diet or exercise is a PLUS.

It can speed up the weight loss process of your body.

The Hibana patch and Manami Are safe to use?

Yes. It is 100% Organic Natural Based.

No chemical substances.

Can I wear a shaper while applying the Hibana patch?

Yes. You can.

It will speed up the process of weight loss.

Can you apply Hibana Patch or spray with Manami due to your period cycle?

Yes, you can.

It can help to calm down you pain and promote blood circulation.

I Have To Go Through A Metal Detector At Work, Will The Vest Shaper Steel Bones Trigger The Metal Detector?

At the airport yes.

Can I Wear the vest shaper Under My T Shirt With Jacket?

YES. It can be worn under all kinds of clothing, such as T-shirts, workout vest, sweaters and formal shirts, without any restriction.

Can I Wear the vest shaper For 8hrs Or More?

Technically you could wear it indefinitely... there is not time limit.

Can I Put the Vest shaper In Washing Machine And Tumble Dryer?

No. Better hand wash and hang dry.

(only in warm water less than 30 ° C hand wash, No bleach, avoid too much exposure to the sun, because it may lead to elastic burst bubbles)

Is This Good For Post Lipo Surgery if I wearing the Vest shaper?

Yes. It can help with your Back Posture and your body.

How many bottles of Tachanka Serum do I need for my bald hair?

We recommend 3 bottles, apply them 2 to 3 times a day, continuously use them for about 3 months for the best result. You will see your hair will become fuller and thicker.

I have spot hair baldness since last week after huge stress from work and it grows bigger, can the Tachanka Serum work for me?

Yes. This is a treatable condition. Our Tachanka™ Hair Regrowth Serum is the effective solution for you.

Does Hair Removal Hurt? 

It doesn't hurt but can feel a bit uncomfortable. It has a tingly or hot sensation that some users compare to an elastic band being pinned against the skin.

Can Hair Remover Handset or Hair Remover Foam Use It On Face?

Yes. You can use it on the face, legs, arms, and underarms.

Do the Compression Briefs show the lines when you wear a dress?

No, it wouldn't show the line.

How hot is the compression brief? If I live in florida.

It's quite breathable on the tummy, you can wear it all day.

Can the Compress brief be a waist trainer?

Yes. It is compression shapewear with a firm hold. It is similar to a waist trainer if worn like one.  

How do I wash the compression brief?

Treat it as you would with lingerie or other delicate undergarments. Avoid harsh detergent and machine washing as much as possible. Hand washing with a mild detergent is encouraged. 

Is it easy to use this ropeless jump rope for beginners?

Yes, it is easy for beginners so does kids.

Do these Cordless jump rope make any noise when you are using them? 

They make no noise.

Is the Cordless Jump Rope battery included and is it rechargeable?

Yes, the handle itself contains a battery, It relies on battery power, so it cannot be charged. The battery can be replaced as needed.

How do you apply the TinderPro? with a brush or by hand?

It comes with a mushroom head sponge puff, which can replace your other applicator.

Is the TinderPro good for combination skin?

Yes, customers with dry skin but oily forehead, love the coverage and it doesn't look heavy.

What level of SPF does this TinderPro foundation contain?

It contains SPF 20.

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