'Superdad': Father Succeeded over challenges to save son's life

Tyler Morrison is father to 2-year-old Alonzo. His world shattered when Alonzo received the devastating diagnosis of Alagille syndrome; a rare genetic disorder that damages the liver and other vital organs such as the heart.

The only way to save him was a liver transplant.

Tyler tried searching for a suitable donor from relatives to volunteers, but after medical tests, none were found suitable for the procedure.

Tyler’s wife, Judy, also suffers from Alagille syndrome, which made her ineligible to donate any of her liver, making Tyler the best and only viable candidate.

But there was a problem

Tyler was 5’10” and 277 lbs.

He had a fatty liver and was too heavy, making the liver transplant surgery too risky.

Ever since he started his own company, his weight kept on climbing higher and higher.

“Happy, sad, stressed, angry, you name it. Whatever I felt at work, it would always be accompanied by a binge eating session.”

“And, working late into the night, the only food that was available to me was fast food.” 

– Tyler

So, every day, for almost 16 years, Tyler gorged himself on burgers, fries, pizzas, donuts, and sodas. He was beginning to regret his decision now more than ever.

Doctors told him that he needed to lose 104 lbs to be able to continue with the liver transplant for his son.

But time was ticking, his son’s condition worsened drastically. For any chance of his son’s survival, the transplant surgery had to be performed within a year’s time.

Tyler had to shed the weight fast

“As a parent, you want to see your children thrive. You want to see them happy.”

“You want to give them every chance to succeed in life that you can, and this was an opportunity to do that.”

“There’s no reason I can’t get down to the required weight.”

“I would do anything and everything to give my boy another chance.” 

– Tyler

With time nipping at his heels, Tyler decided to switch up his diet and enroll in various fitness programs.

He tried every diet known to man–Atkins, Zone, Paleo, Keto, Raw Food, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers etc. He even spent a fortune in signing up for Gym, HIIT sessions, Aerobics, Strength Training… but nothing worked.

“Liposuction and gastric bypass surgery weren’t even options as they would cause complications for the liver transplant procedure.” 

– Tyler

Tyler and his wife started to panic

Months flew by with no progress in Tyler’s weight loss and time was running out for the family.

With only 4 months left to complete the surgery, the couple had to think of a solution quick before Alonzo takes his last breath.

With desperation, they went to plead for help from their family doctor. Seeing their distress, their family doctor introduced them to a colleague, Dr. Archard Gaulin.

Dr. Archard was a renowned French endocrinologist specializing in obesity treatments and was in town for an annual medical conference. He agreed to drop by and meet Tyler.

Upon hearing Tyler’s story, Dr. Archard was moved by the father’s dedication and love for his son and decided to let him in on his recent medical breakthrough.

Tyler was introduced to Burnergy™: 

The perfect little helper for continuous inch loss

Dr. Archard handed a box with the words “Burnergy™” on it to Tyler.

“Burnergy™ is an ongoing experiment created by my team and I for 5 years now.”

“It is infused with 100% natural ingredients which will help to speed up your metabolism, burn more fat, and suppress appetite.” 

– Dr. Archard

Dr. Archard explained that when Burnergy™ is applied onto the skin, its natural ingredients extracts will be released into the skin through a transdermal process.

The natural fat-burning particles from the natural ingredients will penetrate the underlying fat cells in a sustained fashion. This will breakdown the fat cells and boost metabolic activity, effectively cleansing our body from toxins and curbing further dietary fat absorption.

Other key ingredients include guarana and capsaicin which helps to reduce cellulite and restore skin elasticity.

Tyler was skeptical

After countless failed attempts, he doubted that it would work, at least not for him. But much to his surprise, the pounds started to shed.

In just a week, he dropped around 14 lbs and within a month, almost 57 lbs were lost. In less than 3 months, he successfully lost a total of 122 lbs and kept it off! It was more than the weight he needed to lose to proceed with the liver transplant surgery!

The extra pounds he shed restored the condition of his liver to that of a fit 20-year-old which meant his son could receive a strong, healthy liver for his transplant.

“When the doctor told me the good news and said that the surgery was scheduled, I literally had to sit down.”

“I was so overwhelmed with relief. My boy could be saved!” 

– Tyler

The power of a parent

The transplant surgery took place soon after and although it was complex and challenging, it was successful and without any complications.

The transplant surgeon, Dr. Loyd Glasford, told Tyler that his son will be much healthier now with his new liver. His son will be able to withstand infections and grow up strong and it was all thanks to his “effort and love as a parent”.

But Tyler couldn’t bear to take all the credit.

“I wouldn’t have made it in time if I hadn’t tried Burnergy™.”

“Thanks to Burnergy™, I can now watch my son grow up healthily and happily.” 


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