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Magnetic Acupuncture Therapy Fashion Ring

Magnetic Therapy Is A Natural, Non-Invasive Holistic Healing Therapy Used By Millions Of People Worldwide To Help Relieve Pain, Reduce Inflammation, Restore Positive Energy, And Enhance Sleep.

It Is A Safe, Effective, And Simple To Use Alternative Medicine That Involves Applying Powerful Rare Earth Magnets To Promote Blood Circulation And Support The Natural Healing Process.

  • Enhance men's inner nature & Enhance Size

  • Maintain Standard Weight

  • Improve Sleep Quality

Designed And Handcrafted for Elegance & Comfort


Magnetic Therapy Rings have become increasingly popular as they are a stylish way to reap the benefits of magnetic therapy all day long! By simply wearing your Magnetic Therapy Rings on a day-to-day basis, over time, you should feel a noticeable improvement in the circulation and pain level around the ring. It is most effective when worn continuously, therefore, we would strongly advise you to wear it daily to get the full benefits. 

How Its Work

The magnetic field affects the current distribution of the human body, and the orientation of the magnetic moment of the biopolymer, which produces acupuncture-like effects and protects your health!



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Our Testimony Feedback


What is the ring size?

The inside diameter of the ring is about 1.98cm.

And Don't Worry, It's adjustable and able to fit all of your fingers.

Should you remove the ring when washing your hands or dishes?

Copper ring touches water for a long time maybe will turn green. Therefore, we do not recommend wearing the copper ring when in the shower or doing the dishes. You probably could but it's best not to.

Will the magnet of the bracelets degauss the computer and credit card?

The effect of the magnet will not degauss the computer and credit card, and will not affect your daily work and life, please do not worry.