The Belt That Doesn't Feel Like A Belt - So Comfortable, Won't Even Notice You're Wearing It

Multi-style, adjustable belt that can fit any waistline!


See the difference!

  • Adjustable

  • No Abrasions

  • No Bulges

  • Comfortable

  • Versatile

  • Stylish

Compare with a regular belt!

Colors available

Our guarantees

1st Class Quality

Made with soft leather, durable elastic & nickel-free metal.

Affordable Prices

Save thousands from orthodontist appointments.

100% satisfaction

Fully love it or get a full refund from us!

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Does the elastic stretch out or become loose?

Not to worry, the Invisabelt™ can withstand many uses before it wears out. 

Q: Will these pass through metal detectors?

Yes, these will not set off metal detectors at all!

Q: Is it a one size fit all?

Yes! The belt has a length of up to 34.6 inches, and is both adjustable and stretchable. 

Q: Does the color fade?

Like the elasticity of the belt, it will take a long time before the color starts to fade. 

Q: Can you wear this with an outfit without belt loops?

Yes, you can pair this with dresses, skirts, shorts, almost anything.