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Do You Know Your body is Full of Toxins?


  • Brain Fog

  • Irritability

  • Skin Problems

  • Muscle Aches

  • Body Odor

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Exhaustion

  • Stubborn Weight

  • Constipation

92-Year Old Japanese Doctor Introduced An Ancient Secret To Having Invigorated Energy

Dr. Yamamura came from a dynasty of medical practitioners for over 50 generations. He graduated in the year 1951 from Tokyo University and is still active in the medical field to this day, which earns him 69 years of medical experience. Up until this day, he is still tending to his patients like an agile 20-year-old. There’s really no stopping Dr. Yamamura from doing what he loves the most despite his years.

He meets with the Oldest Geisha in Japan, Yuko Asakusi, combined with his knowledge and experience, to finally come up with a Powerful Madake™ Detox Foot patchand benefit more people in the world.

He said:

“It’s so easy to apply. Just stick the patch under the feet every night before sleeping and it does a complete body restoration while asleep, detoxifying toxins out in a safe and non-invasive way while allowing our soles to absorb all the healing benefits!

“I’m proud to have helped so many patients achieve a higher quality of life…”

“Now, as I leave behind this method as my legacy, I hope that this can benefit more people even when I’m long gone!”

“And if it helps you in some way, please pass this message on! Good luck.”

The more days you apply, the more the patch suck out toxins through your feet.

Apply daily until the patch are completely white (No dark toxic anymore),

You will feel your body are more energetic and healthy.

*How much to use for complete detoxification depends on the physical condition of different people.

With Madake™, your good night’s sleep will no longer seem like a distant dream.

Main Precious Herbal Ingredient

Natural, organic, pure, and reliable.

Dokudami Herbs

Wormwood Extract

Ginger Extract

Bamboo Vinegar

Healthy Life, Happy Life

Simply Stick and Sleep, Pamper yourself & Renew your life.




Toxins build up in our bodies causing us to feel tired and sluggish.  These toxins contribute to poor skin quality and bad sleep.

The Madake™ Detox Foot Patch was designed to promote natural toxin removal from the body, with a special focus on tightening the skin, improving sleep quality, Prevent Diabetes and accelerating metabolism. 

Madake™ Detox Foot Patches can help relax your mind and body by helping you get rid of toxins when you sleep. 

Feet have more than a thousand acupuncture points that when combined with the natural ingredients in our Madake™ Detox Foot Patch, work together to detoxify and promote well-being. Remove toxins from your body, promote blood circulation, and relax your body as you drift into a good night’s sleep. Be refreshed the next day!

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Millions of people worldwide swear Madake™ Detox Foot Patch work wonders!

Your body detoxifies while you sleep!


What does FDA certified mean?

the FDA certified is to ensure and prove the foot patch with natural ingredient is safe to use.

The patch changes to a black color, but is dry, no gooey effect. What does that mean?

Please Noticed That The Gooey Effect Is Related To The Moisture And Poison Gas In Each Person's Body. If The Detox Foot Pads Produce More Wetness, It Means That The Effect Of This Foot Patch Is More Obvious, And As You Are Doing This, It Is Dry. But The Foot Patches Are Really Dark? This Means That There Is Less Moisture In Your Body, You Can Continue To Use It For A While, You Will Find That The Color Of The Foot Patch Will Not Be As Dark As You Originally, Which Means That The Foot Patch Removes All Kinds Of Body. Gas, Moisture.

Do these detox patch change dark like tea bags?

Yes, they do darken but will have some different from tea bag. The tea bag change dark expose in the water and the surface have nothing, But tear off the foot pads form your feet you will find the pads will be brownish "gooey" and tar like, most likely impurities that has been leeched through your lymphatic system and out your feet

Could i use it every night?

Yes. it’s recommended.

Is it suitable for kids to use it?

Yes. It's based on all natural Herbal ingredients.

How long does it take for pain relief? Or how many uses before better sleep?

Pain relief should begin within 2 hours of attaching your patch. Deeper or better sleep should occur on your first use.

Can I use it in day time...say to office?

We recommend using it before going to bed at night.

But yes you can use it in the office.

Can I apply this detox patch after I took medicine?

Yes, you can.

Do they help relieve your stress and make you fall asleep asap?

this Madake™ Detox Foot Patch could helpfully ensure you sleep well, simply stick it underneath your foot before sleeping. 

Generally need 6 - 8 hours for full absorption to occur before removing the pads, help you to ensure a deep sleep and lets you wake up feel refreshed.

How does Madake™ Detox Patch work?

The largest concentration of harmful toxins is in the feet. 

Madake™ detox patches use advanced Japanese traditional medicinal techniques to help remove those elements from your body and improve your metabolism, blood flow and general wellness! 

Is  Madake™ reliable?

Madake™ is designed by the top specialists in traditional Japanese medicine. 

The ingredients used in Madake™ have been tested through generations to deliver you the best, top-of-the-line solution to the toxin accumulation.

How do I know if Madake™ works?

Madake™ detox patch should have a layer of black discharge on it after use. 

The discharge is made up of the removed harmful toxins. 

The lower the toxin concentration in your body, the lesser level of the discharge you will find!

How long should I use Madake™?

The positive effects of Madake™ should be felt after a couple of uses, 

however, feel free to use the detox patches as long as you feel the need! 

Your wellness has no limits.