An Engineer Discovered a way to Lower Electricity Consumption by 50% by using a simple device!

"A secret that Electric companies have been keeping it for more than a decade...."

Monday, August 2nd, 2021 | Enrico Preston, Editor

At First, No One Believed this device could Save Up to 50% of Electricity bills in a month.

Marc Benetie, A Former Engineer who worked for EDF started looking for a solution to reduce the electricity bill since the electricity bill has increased by 47% in 10 years.

This solution allowed a lot of people to save their Electricity Bill and Hard-Earned Money.

He named it Eco-Watt-Plus™.

In fact, the inventor Marc Benetie is willing to share the secret device with everyone.

“We All Know How Pricey Electricity Is Nowadays”

“And The Prices Keep Going Up Every Year.”

“Once Our Device Is Available For All,

We’ll All Can Saving So Much More

Without Spending Our Hard-Earned Dollars For Electric Bill Every Week.” 

- Marc Benetie, Former Engineer

What is Eco-Watt-Plus™

The Eco-Watt-Plus™ Is A New Application Of Old Technology. Basically, It Acts Like An Electricity Consumption balance meter That Helps Your Electrical System Perform Better. The Small Device will help to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption Once Plugged Into Your home's Main Electrical System or your room extension plug.

Eco-Watt-Plus™ Supplements The Required Voltage To Reduce The Load On The Electrical System From Any Accessory That Is Being Used. The Reduced Electrical Demand Frees Up Energy That Can Be Better Used To Deliver A More Constant And Steady Supply Of Electricity To The Extension Plugs And In The End, Helps You To Save A Lot Of Electricity Consumption..  


How To Use:

1. Plug Eco-Watt-Plus™ Into The AC Power Socket.

2. Wait For The Indicator Light To turn green. Then, The Device Is Ready And Working.

3. Do Not Unplug it while using it to ensure it can work efficiently.



👉Internal leakage protection measures ensure complete protection for you and your devices. And improve the use of electrical appliances power, avoid the waste of electricity invalid.

👉Help you save the daily waste of energy automatically, saving your money, safe and reliable. Perfect for heavy-duty load or monthly consumption within 28KW.

👉Plug it into an AC power socket, And the color of the indicator light will turn green, then starts to work by keeping the device connected.

👉Stabilize the voltage, balance the current, and surge protection in order to achieve a power-saving effect. Effectively prevent electrical overheating and prolong the service life of electrical equipment.

👉Can be used in the home, shops, restaurants, offices, small factories, etc. Suitable for air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, TVs, pumps, stereos, etc.

100% Legal

Save up to 50% On Monthly electricity Consumption

100% Save Your Hard Earned Money 

Since the release of Eco-Watt-Plus™ , the demand exploded! After Percy shared his story with the manufacturer, they are willing to reserve a limited portion for us.

But we don't know when they will run out of stock!

Get it while you still can, do it now!

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Small house package

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Our Testimony Feedback


Why did it always say do not unplug it?

It needs to work as efficiently as it smoothes out the electricity coming into your home or business. They make the electricity pulse so when it smooths out it is more efficient.

Will it destroy any appliances or electronics while plugging into the socket?

No, It Wouldn't. It will just work as Energy Saver to reduce your electricity billing.

How long does it take to see a difference in my electricity bill?

While it can vary in many things like the size of your living space, you may notice your electric usage drastically reduced in under 30 days.

Most electrical panels have two phases. Does this device need to be plugged into each phase?

No need exactly. Just plug one is enough.