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Leave Those Sleepless Night Away In 2022

With the Silkyline™,

you're going to revolutionize your entire sleeping experience!

Improve your hair, skin, and sleep.

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You're at your most vulnerable while you're sleeping!

Said By A Leading Dermatologist.

When it comes to hydrating your hair and skin while you sleep, a silky pillowcase is a game changer. Cotton irritates your sensitive skin and deprives your face of the moisture and tenderness it need. Silkyline™ fibers can help you recover from years of wreaking havoc on your body caused by your Ordinary pillow covering.

Do you have dry skin and brittle hair when you get up?

Breaking news: it's all because of your pillowcase!

 Ordinary pillowcase are breeding grounds for pests and diseases 

SILKYLINE™ - The Revolutionary Solution for you!

Why Silkyline™?

it’s a simple overnight beauty treatment that improves your skin and hair while you rest.

Happily, Our team is here to spill our secrets about why Silkyline™ pillowcase is a great investment in your beauty, health and wellness. Educating our clients about the benefits of silky Pillowcase is an important part of our mission.

We believe the more you know about the benefits of silky pillowcase, the better. Read on to learn how sleeping on a silky pillowcase from keeps your skin and hair healthy and beautiful. We’ll also discuss the longevity of our Silkyline™ silky pillowcases (hint: with proper care, they will last a long time).

The 2 Main Benefits

that you absolutely love it

Hair Care

skin Care

Sleeping better and more comfortably

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Customer Review

It's easy to see how Silkyline™ has become such a worldwide phenomenon.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is Silkyline™ ?

Silkyline™ is the world's best-kept secret among supermodels, hairstylists, beauty experts, and dermatologists. Our team of professionals created a 100% natural and hypoallergenic silky pillow case that works wonders for your hair and skin while you sleep!

How can Silkyline™ benefit my skin?

It's a modest perk with a tremendous payoff. Your pillowcase comes into contact with your face more than any other fabric. Silkyline™ fibres are substantially less absorbent than conventional fibres such as cotton, despite the extensive hair and skin advantages of Satin. Polyester Satin fabric are silky smooth and assist to keep moisture close to the skin. If you sleep on any other fabric, your skin will be dehydrated.

How can Silkyline™ benefit my hair?

Are you tired of having hair that appears like you just stuck your finger in a socket when you wake up in the morning? If you sleep on luxurious silk pillowcases, you'll be able to keep your bed head at bay. Ordinary pillowcases can tangle and tug your hair all night, especially if you're the sort that moves around a lot. Silk's inherent characteristics can aid in reducing friction on your hair, which can lead to damage. Sleeping on a Silky Satin pillowcase really does pay off.

What other advantages do Silkyline™ Silky Satin Pillowcases provide?

"Silky smooth" is more than a phrase. Because satin has a smooth surface, there is less friction between your skin and your bedding linens, which is thought to be the leading source of sleep moisturising creams because your face retains more moisture to begin with. Satin is also untreated, implying that it is free of chemicals. Silkyline™ Silky Pillowcases are also anti-bacterial and non-irritating.

Is Silkyline™ simple to clean?

Absolutely! Select a detergent made specifically for satin (we recommend pH neutral liquid detergent). It's crucial to choose a detergent that doesn't contain enzymes or bleach, as they can harm your silky satin pillowcase. Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water. Air drying is the best method for drying silk.

How can Silkyline™ improve your condition? 

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