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Cordless Jump Rope

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Do High-Intensity Interval Training with Cordless Jump Rope

HIIT burns more fat than steady-state cardio

An original (cordless) wireless skipping rope that is ideal for getting fit and exercising while avoiding trips, knocks, or falls. It enables continuous, faster, safer, and more effective activity without interruptions. Perfect for a full workout exercising all parts of the body. The skipping rope has steel bearings with a 360º soft rotation, non-slip handles, and balls with adjustable cables that can be easily adapted to any length required. It can be used indoors and outdoors, it occupies little space and is easy to transport and store so that it can be used anywhere.

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Know Your Limit; Break Your Limit!

If You Don't Have High Ceilings,


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A Jumping Rope Without a rope

Slim Down Body Weight Anywhere, Anytime

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Ropeless jump rope has no restriction on places, so you can start jumping rope anywhere and anytime, indoor and outdoor.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Is it easy to use this ropeless jump rope for beginners?

Yes, it is easy for beginners so does kids.

  • Do these make any noise when you are using them? 

They make no noise.

  • Is the battery included and is it rechargeable?

Yes, the handle itself contains a battery, It relies on battery power, so it cannot be charged. The battery can be replaced as needed.