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92-Year Old Japanese Doctor Introduced An Ancient Secret To Having Invigorated Energy

Considered as the most respected and wisest amongst all who have served the Emperors of Japan, Dr. Aki Yamamura, a 92-year-old medical doctor who has seemingly defied his years is set to tell his story to the whole world.

Dr. Yamamura came from a dynasty of medical practitioners for over 50 generations. He graduated in the year 1951 at Tokyo University and is still active in the medical field to this day, which earns him 69 years of medical experience. Up until this day, he is still tending to his patients like an agile 20-year-old. There’s really no stopping Dr. Yamamura in doing what he loves the most despite his years.

When asked what his secret was, he said:

“As a doctor, I know it’s my duty to PASS THIS MESSAGE with the world”

“It’s not about living longer, it’s about being SICK-FREE for as long as you live!”

“If there’s anyone struggling with headaches, pain on the back, neck, knee, or foot, or even insomnia…

“Please share the story to them. It could MEAN their lives!”

The Closely Guarded Secret

Dr. Yamamura comes from a dynasty of doctors for over 50 generations and his ancestors once served the Emperors of Japan. 

They formulated a technique once only meant for ancient Japanese royalty; a method that would allow Japanese royals to outlive their subjects even during those times where medical advancement was nearly non-existent and a simple outbreak could wipe out a population. 

He is one of the last doctors left who still possessed this fiercely guarded centuries-old knowledge called “Jinsei No Dokudami”, or the pillar of life!

The Mind- Blowing Revelation

He proceeded to explain how important natural detoxification is in keeping the health and optimal functioning of our immune systems especially as will gradually deteriorate as we grow older. 

According to Dr. Yamamura, the foundation of life is located in our feet.

“As we accumulate heavy metals, parasites and chemical wastes from consumption, our immune system will gradually deteriorate as we grow older and our body accumulates toxins to our lower extremities at our feet and legs.”

“Damaged cells and bacteria that cannot be destroyed will have a huge negative impact on our body leading to back, knee or foot pain, if lucky…”

“Or worse, heart and kidney failure!” - Dr. Yamamura

The Jinsei No Dokudami Technique

Dr. Yamamura further revealed:

“My ancestors used to massage medicinal herbs into the bottom of the feet of our patients. By stimulating the acupuncture points on our feet, this allows us to absorb all the healing benefits into our body and naturally release toxins that are drawn through the feet. This helps decrease inflammation, assisting all the systems in our body at peak performance and boosts the amount of immune cells that fight off harmful bacteria and mutated cells. It helps normalize damages caused by free radicals from processed food, pollution, and chemicals in water all in turn recreating a strong foundation for our body again.”

“This has been my nightly routine for almost 60 years that has allowed me to live strong and healthy, even up till my twilight years!” - Dr. Yamamura

Complete Body Restoration thru Madake™️ Detox Foot Patch

With these same techniques, 

He meets with the Oldest Geisha in Japan, Yuko Asakusi, combined with his knowledge and experience, to finally come up with a Powerful Madake™ Detox Foot patch and benefit more people in the world. 

It is a foot patch with a blend of the exact same herbs used by their ancestors! It is made of a herbal blend of Dokudami herbs, ginger, bamboo plant extracts, and Wormwood-extracted vinegar.

He then tested this on thousands of people in Japan and 92.3% of his patients who have tried it reported overnight relief from back pain, knee pain, joint pain and headaches! Some also saw improved sleep quality, preventing insomnia!

Dokudami Herbs

Wormwood Extract

Ginger Extract

Bamboo Vinegar

“It’s so easy to apply. Just stick the health patch under the feet every night before sleeping and it does a complete body restoration while asleep, detoxifying toxins out in a safe and non-invasive way while allowing our soles to absorb all the healing benefits!

“I’m proud to have helped so many patients achieve a higher quality of life…”

“Now, as I leave behind this method as my legacy, I hope that this can benefit more people even when I’m long gone!”

“And if it helps you in some way, please pass this message on! Good luck.”

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