sleeping is the best medicine!

Humans cannot survive without sleep. And we certainly cannot thrive without good quality sleep. Most people have accepted poor quality sleep as something they simply have to live with and have given up trying to fix it.

We understand. It is not your fault that you have been misinformed about the dangers of poor quality sleep. Lack of sufficient rest can lead to a multitude of health problems including obesity, diabetes, cognitive problems, and a weakened immune system. People who sleep poorly at night perform worse at work, drive recklessly and also make poor food choices. The negative things add up!

Restful sleep leads to more productive waking hours and better lives - indeed, it's that important. An average life equates to more than 220,000 hours of sleep. Why not do your best to make it great?

The best memory foam pillow naturally


Mornings wake up full of energy!

After a few nights' sleep with the LuxDream ™ smart pillow, you will wake up totally rejuvenated. Experience better waking hours by falling asleep faster. See how much you can improve your life by starting your day with greater clarity and motivation.

Relieve neck and back pain!

Give your neck and back rest before going to bed. The LuxDream ™ smart pillow cradles and perfectly aligns the spine during sleep, promoting healthy posture. The unique cervical arches of our pillow also conform to the contours of your body with full memory foam support.

Top-quality materials!

The LuxDream ™ smart pillow is comprised of premium slow-rebound memory foam and durable antimicrobial fabrics. It features a removable cover that can be repeatedly machine washed for consistent hygiene. This unique investment will last for many years of fantastic sleep.

Suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions!

Regardless of where you sleep, we've got you covered: Side, back, or even stomach sleepers find the LuxDream ™ smart pillow comfortable and supportive.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - You Can't Go Wrong

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee!

Improve your sleep in 30 days or get your money back.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order and we will refund your money.

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Can I use this pillow if I sleep on my stomach?

Our pillow adapts to all types of people, regardless of their sleeping position. Slow rebound memory foam conforms to the contours of your head to provide full memory foam support. On your side, face up or face down, you will experience comfort with our pillow.

How do I wash the pillow?

Washing the pillow is easy. To clean the cover, remove it from the pillow and machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle. Dry completely and do not bleach or iron.

What is the best position to sleep?

Our research shows that almost everyone moves during the night, so we set out to design a pillow that can accommodate all sleeping positions. Whether you like to sleep on your side, on your back or on your stomach, you will feel supported by our smart pillow. The pillow is specifically designed for optimal neck alignment. Its breathable fabrics also circulate air, making it a great option for those who sleep in warm rooms.

Should I fluff the pillow?

No, it is not necessary to fluff the pillow. Our pillow is made of bamboo charcoal memory foam, which can give you support night after night. No cracks are formed in the foam, nor does it degrade from being repeatedly used in the same position. This durable pillow will last you for many years.

Why is there a slight smell?

Our pillows are made of high quality hypoallergenic materials that prevent allergic reactions. Pillows and packaging are fully sterilized, which can sometimes leave a slight chemical odor. Let the pillow air out for a few hours before using it if you detect that smell.



Neck and back pain



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