acts as a workout trainer or Waist Chincher / Tummy control! 



"I lost 3 inches off my waist!!"

This is awesome! Durable, and helps promote sweat... I use it when I do cardio and lost 3 inches in a month off my waist!!

Build Yourself Like A BodyBuilder


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UNDETECTABLE under your clothes!

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It covers the whole torso and right away it is very comfortable. It moves with your body when you are physically active. House work, gym, running or just doing outdoor activities.  I have noticed a change in my waist since wearing it during my training sessions.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to wear it?

For as long as you feel comfortable with it on, you can even wear it to sleep!

Are the results permanent?

Like any waist band, the results can be permanent after long time use. 

Will I sweat under my clothes with this on?

You might feel warm and stuffy if you are unfamiliar with waist bands, but the material is a made from a lightweight nylon that is designed to be breathable and thin.

Is it better to wear under the clothing or over it?

It is recommended to wear over a thin undershirt, especially when working out or moving about as it will be more comfortable. There is no difference in how it will affect results. 

How do I choose the sizes?

3M length is the standard size. 4M length is for those with a bigger waistline or prefer to loop the waist band over a few more times for a more snug, tighter fit. 

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