ultrasonic Flea Repellent: Keeping your dog safe from 

unwanted pests effortlessly

Poochie™Ultrasonic Flea Repellent: Keeping your dog safe from unwanted pests effortlessly

Of all the things pet-parents need to concern themselves with, ticks and fleas might be one of the most important considerations. Although the average flea only lives twenty-one days, it can make your pet’s life (and your life) a living hell for a long time. No matter how clean your pet or your home is, your pet could contract fleas from external surroundings like public parks, and even from other pets who could be carriers.

Your best solution to keep fleas away with zero effort

Despite having various means of fixing flea problems, the Ultrasonic Flea Repellent appears to be the most affordable, effective and effortless solution that keep fleas away permanently.

  •  Latest ultrasonic technology

    Drive away pests by emitting ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and pets.

  • Wide coverage

    It repels pests up to 26 square feet away, keeping your pets safe effortlessly.

  •  100%harmless

    All you need to do is to attach it to your pet’s collar before going out and turn it on.

  • Rechargeable battery

    Rechargeable via USB power, you can charge it anywhere you go using either your laptop, charger or a power bank. It has a battery life of up to 7 days after being fully charge.

Direction for use

1. On/off button

Press the button once to on the device; hold the button to off the device.

2. Light indicator

If a blue light flashes, it means the device is on. If there’s a red light, it means the device is charging. Red light dies when device is fully charged.

What customers say

What Other Users Say

No More Annoying Bugs!

“ This product was the perfect antidote to summer in a woodsy Northeast area rife with ticks! It was easy to use, I just attach it on my dog’s collar and turn it on. That’s it! I brought my dog for long walks in the woods and occasional hikes, the fleas and bugs have no chance on her! I will definitely buy again, for the ease and peace of mind! Wish they made one for humans! ”

- Rachel Yorgason

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Amazing High Tech for pets

“ Both my dog and my cat were infested with fleas for days. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Somebody told me at the dog park about this repellent and decided to get one for each of my pets. After using it, there were no fleas on any of my pets anymore. It is safe and easy to put on your pets. They got used to it very quick. I finally solved a huge problem. I do recommend it to all pet owners.”

- Wilson

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 Finally! Relief for my dogs!

“ I love this product! I've been telling everyone about these for cats and for dogs. It’s easy to put on, just remember to turn it on and charge it once a week. Previously I tried a liquid treatment repellent, I would always need someone else to hold the cat down. But for this ultrasonic repellent, I only needed to attach it on my cat’s collar. There’s no chemical or whatsoever involved. I cannot stress enough how much easier this is! ”

- Rosa Esplll

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