The story of a World War II grandmother inspires the world 

to accept each other, no matter the circumstances

World War II made history decades ago. But this grandmother proves that the past doesn't define the future. On the contrary, it gives hope to shape it into a brighter future.

Journalist Ann King grew up in a military home. Almost 80 years after the Second World War, Ann wanted to do a report on this subject. So she decided to interview her grandmother, Maggie Stone. A proud nurse who served in the Army Nurse Corps, where she cared for many wounded soldiers during World War II. During the interview, Maggie was asked what it was like during the war.

"It was certainly not an easy period. We nurses were practically the doctors' right-hand men. We were treating more than thousands of patients a day. But we thought that whatever the situation, the hospital would be a safe place."

"But we were wrong when the hospital became collateral damage of the war. I was one of the lucky few who survived."

– Maggie

A medical miracle

After Ann posted the interview with the photos which Maggie gave her from the old clippings. Some viewers noticed something different about Maggie. In the photos shown, Maggie had a prominent burn scar on her face. But in the interview, the scar was barely visible.

Maggie's interview generated a lot of media interest. Until she managed to catch the eye of famed Dr. Jane Wright, a board-certified dermatologist who has worked for many celebrities. With 20 years of experience, she knows Maggie's scars should have been permanent. Fascinated by this medical miracle, she decided to visit Maggie.

Heal the scars of the past

"When I woke up in hospital I was devastated by my appearance. But the doctor who attended to me started treating me with a paste intended to soothe severe burns and speed up the healing process."

"After I was released from the hospital, he gave me a list of scientific ingredients so that I could continue to heal my wounds and I have been doing it ever since."

"But it got more troublesome with age. Imagine a grandmother drying petals under the sun for 7 hours. Then grinding them with every ounce of energy to make paste."

– Maggie

Dr. Wright was impressed with Maggie's story. But what really caught his attention was that Maggie looked younger than her age. Intrigued by the possible properties of the paste, she decided to bring back a sample to study its composition.

Unveiling the science behind GlowLuxe™

After months of testing, GlowLuxe™ was born. An essential oil to help restore skin's youthful glow and plumpness, to help women and men around the world feel as confident as possible.

"GlowLuxe™ contains two of the most soothing properties. Rosehip, a plant known for its many healing properties, such as vitamin C, which increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. When you apply oil of rosehip on your face, vitamin C molecules penetrate deep into skin cells and stimulate collagen production to prevent sagging and wrinkles in the skin."

"As for chamomile, it is a naturally soothing ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal hyperpigmentation in scars naturally."

"The combination of rosehip and chamomile forms the perfect blend to effectively reverse the clock of aging and erase the scars of the past."

- Dr. Wright

Drying out these ingredients has been proven to destroy plant nutrients. This cancels the potential of the dough. In order to preserve the nourishment these ingredients have to offer, Dr. Wright decided to extract the oils from within via the cold pressing method to ensure these ingredients live to their fullest potential.

GlowLuxe™ hands down the mark of satisfaction

Before GlowLuxe™ was introduced to the public, Maggie gave her stamp of approval with a testimonial of her own:

"I've been making this paste for decades. Now with GlowLuxe™ skincare is like a breeze for me. It definitely takes less time than making my paste. I just apply the oil on my face twice a day."

"I mean, I've always been impressed with the paste but GlowLuxe™ is on another level! My skin is so hydrated and I even noticed something else..."

"The wrinkles under my eyes have disappeared into nature. If no one knew my age, you would think I was still in my sixties."

- Maggie

Daily application of GlowLuxe™ is proven to naturally increase collagen production which will fight fine lines and wrinkles, lighten hyperpigmentation in scars and diminish signs of aging.

Find radiant and youthful skin without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. Aging should not be feared, it should be celebrated! Let GlowLuxe™ help you put the brakes on the aging clock.

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