Still Remember This Kid?

The person who, at the age of 14, can talk in 16 languages.

Tourist: "Who taught you all this?" 

Kid: "I learnt from tourists!"

"Spanish? Hey Ms, you're beautiful! (In Spanish)"

"These Magnets are very beautiful and cheaper if you buy more than one, just $2 for five (In Spanish)"

"Merci Beaucoap (In French)"

"Would you like to buy one Madame? One for just a dollar (In French)"

- Salik

This Captured The Interest Of Japan's Leading Neurologist, Dr Sino

He speaks foreign words effortlessly as though he was born speaking them!

"I couldn't believe Salik could master all the 16 languages when he was just 10.

"Less than 8 million people in the world are polyglots (speaks 5 languages). And he picked up these languages just by talking with tourists?"

"Being a neurologist for over 40 years, I've never witnessed this ever before. I need to find the secret behind it."

I Could Smell An Aromatic, Aroma Smell On Him

"A while later, it gave my mind and body a rise.

Usually, my brain refuses to cooperate with me in the morning."

"After a sniff, my mind became clearer and I could solve the complicated tasks in less than 5 minutes.

This has never happened to me. I usually take about 45 minutes to solve it."

- Dr Sino

"My concentration levels has increased even on the smallest tasks.

This is the first time I felt like my mind had been activated and it eased my mental exhaustion."

- Dr Sino

He could easily tell that Salik's talent must be related to the scent.

Salik Handed Him A Small Packet 

"My mum gave me this and wanted me to carry it wherever I go."

- Salik

Before that, Salik was always caught daydreaming in class.

"I've always been forgetful when it comes to homework.

I am easily distracted that leads to me not paying attention in class."

"She collapsed when she knew I was diagnosed with ADHD."

- Salik

From that moment onwards, Salik's mum made this packet with a special ingredient.

She tried her luck by asking me to carry it.

But she was impressed with the effects of seeing me calm and focussed.

"I could speak other languages fluently by just listening alone. I could easily understand what people were saying and I memorized it in a day, with the help of the sachet my mum made."

- Salik

"My teachers were shocked at my learning pace."

- Salik

It Is Time To Reveal This Great Secret To Everyone 

So That We Can All Benefit From It

"The scent is actually from special rare Rosemary species , which makes sense as it produces a lot of Cambodia."

Dr Sino named it 'iQue' based on the Cambodian rare rosemary species.

"Compared to my little packet, iQue can out beat it without a doubt.

I could tell the effects were doubled compared to my previous ones."

- Salik

"My son was expelled from school due to his hyper activeness."

"I was so close to giving up my son until I met iQue."

"He is now calmer and his studies has improved a lot."

Not only did iQue change his life, it changed mine too."

- Charles' mum

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