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The World's First At-Home Photon Hair Removal Handset

Going Smooth And Hair-Free At Home

Body hair is a fact of life. 

But if you fall into the latter camp of women who want silky smooth, hairless skin, chances are your hair removal routine is a continuous cycle of shaving, waxing, and plucking.

And for those of you willing to shell out a little extra for more permanent results, IPL Hair Remover Handset is the solution!

use it for any body part, pain-free

Find the perfect strength for your skin tone.

Remove hair with ease, with no razor burn and no ingrown hairs.

A radically smoother hair removal process.

A safe and more permanent hair removal method that you can DIY any time, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

You now can enjoy yourself from the comfort of your own home with little to no pain!

Hair Removing By Intense Photon Pulse Light.

Safely designed for use on any body part, even your face!

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Our Testimony Feedback

Best Thing I Did for my Sensitive Skin in 2021

I had major reservations before buying this product. Most concerning of all was how my sensitive skin/keratosis pilaris and would react. But, as a hairy human, I was tired of the irritation/redness from every other hair removing process (shaving, waxing, epilating). By the time my skin calmed down, the hair was growing back. So, when quarantine hit, I took the plunge and bought this handset. And WOW am I impressed. I did my legs, arms, and underarms. I shaved before bed and used the device the next morning to not irritate my skin. During the first 3 weeks, I noticed my hair development SIGNIFICANTLY slow down. And I was only using it at a level 3 out of 5. The real results happened during weeks 4 through 8. I was able to move up to a level 4 all around. Many areas were no longer growing hair and the spots that were had thin and slow-growing hair. Weeks 9-12 mainly cleaned up the areas that still had hair. Am I completely hairless? No, and I didn’t expect to be. But the hair that I do have is not very visible at all. It’s crazy what a difference hair can make in our lives, but I feel a lot more confident in my skin and that feeling is amazing.

- Shirley Sutton, New York

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is an IPL handset?

An IPL handset uses IPL technology, intense pulsed light, to reduce hair development by damaging the hair follicle. 

IPL can be used for hair removal at home, and with regular use, allow you to enjoy less and finer body hair.

Does it remove hair permanently?

It won’t remove hair permanently, but it offers long-lasting results. It will reduce the hair by minimizing hair development speed.

The hairs that do grow back will also be finer. The more you use IPL Handset, the more effective the device will be.

Is it safe?

Like all IPL devices, It is safe to use. Global studies have proven its safety and effectiveness. However, it’s not appropriate for darker skin types or people with a recent tan. Nor should it be used by people with epilepsy.

Does hair removal hurt? 

It doesn't hurt but can feel a bit uncomfortable. It has a tingly or hot sensation that some users compare to an elastic band being pinned against the skin.

Say hello to the smoothest skin of your life.