Never Too Late To Start, 70-Year-Old Granny Chases Her Lifelong Dancing Dream

Dolores Green has always loved dancing even as a child. In fact, she yearned to be a dancer but her parents turned the idea down thinking that dancing was more of a hobby than a career. This led Dolores to settle to be a teacher instead.

She was a dedicated one at that too, putting in overtime every day. But the extra hours eventually took a toll on her feet. She often complained of agonizing pains in her feet. Yet, she powered through it with the help of painkillers.

After 37 years, she hung up her teaching hat and lived her golden years to the fullest, or so she thought…

One night, Dolores was woken up by a devastating phone call – the kind of phone call everyone dreads and no one ever really expects to receive.

“I’m sorry to inform you that Martha Henderson passed away in her sleep this morning.”

Her motivation was sparked by the 

unexpected death of a friend

Hearing those words brought her to her knees. Martha was not just a dear friend but also someone Dolores truly admired. That’s because even at her ripe age, Martha did things no other 75-year-old would, checking ‘skydiving’ off her bucket list just the year before.

Dolores found comfort in knowing that Martha lived a full life. This made her reflect on her own life. She thought to herself, “If I were to die tomorrow, would I die with regrets?” Then it struck her. Dancing has always been her passion and this was something she needed to pursue before it was too late.

A few days later, she found herself at a studio ready for her first dance class but it proved to be more difficult than she imagined. She couldn’t get the basic footwork down because of the pains she’s always had in her feet. 

Seeing how much Dolores struggled, her teacher explained:

“You have a foot condition that’s fairly common among the elderly called bunions.”

“That’s the reason why you’re struggling to dance.”

“Bunions develop slowly at a younger age but because the pain is minimal in the beginning stages, most people don’t take notice until it’s too late.”

“That’s why older people tend to complain of pains more.”

“By then, the bones in the toe have shifted out of place causing severe and constant pain.”

“If left untreated, bunions can lead to physical inactivity or worse, disability.”

“While it's common, the seniors in this dance studio don’t have this issue because they’re free from bunions and the pain that comes with it.”

“This allows them to dance so gracefully even at this age.”

“It’s no coincidence that they don’t suffer from bunions.”

“In fact, it's credited to proper foot care which you lack of when you were younger.” – Natalia Boulders

Dolores looked down and for the first time in a long while, she took a good look at her deformed feet. It finally registered that years of working as a teacher took a toll on her poor aging feet.

Natalia then continued:

“Luckily, there’s a non-surgical way to reverse this.”

“Feeto™ works much like braces for our teeth – by moving your toes in the proper natural alignment over a period of time.”

“The toe spreaders create space between your toes to straighten them while creating a cushion barrier between your bunion and your footwear.”

“This reduces friction and pressure, offering instant pain relief while you go about your day.”– Natalia Boulders

The Miracle Didn’t Stop There

Dolores was sceptical hearing this. She pondered, “How could a silly piece of silicone be the answer to her long-term pain?” But with a strong desire to fulfill her dream of dancing, she decided to give it a shot anyway. What she experienced next was nothing short of a miracle.

Day by day, the pain lessened. It was clear that Feeto™ made a big difference in the way she walked.

 “I never thought I would walk with such poise at my age.”

“I’ve been given a second chance at life.” – Dolores Green

Making the impossible possible

Months go by and the bulging lump on the side of her big toe gradually smoothened out. She finally felt ready to take on the world, beginning with dance classes… the one thing in the world she truly craved for.

As the days go by, Dolores fell more in love with dance as it gave her a huge sense of fulfillment and happiness.

“I’ve never felt more alive!”

“Thank you Feeto™ for fulfilling an old woman’s wish.”

“If I can do it at 70, you can too.”

“I’m living proof that age is just a number. – Dolores Green

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Life’s too short to not dance like nobody’s watching. So go on, be relieved of your pain today. After all, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.