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From Sumo Wrestler to Distance Runner!

Aug 22, 2020: Written by Thomas Liam, Senior Writer

Mainoumi Aito when he was a pro Sumo wrestler.

Being big is required in the sumo wrestling industry.

When he visited his relatives in Japan, they would jokingly say, "the sumo wrestler is back." Their comments were meant to be funny, but Aito still felt the sting.

Mainoumi Aitoand his wife Hinata had their daughter Lisa in 2010. Like many toddlers, Lisa would run around their home in Colorado, and Mainoumi Aitowould trail behind her, trying to catch up.

But as she got older, keeping up with Lisa became a struggle for him, both physically and mentally. "I would oftentimes be so out of breath that I would almost pass out," he said. At this point, his diet mainly consisted of burgers, fries and sub sandwiches, and at least six cans of soda a day.

Mainoumi's Lowest Point

Mainoumi had no choice but to change his t-shirt size.

By 2011, the 38-year-old, standing at 5'10, hit his peak weight of 270. "It was the lowest point of my life," he said. He had to start wearing XXXL shirts because the XXL was too small.

Mainoumi became reclusive -- even to his family. Often he would shut himself in the basement where he could be alone to eat while sitting at the computer with the curtains drawn. But Lisa, then 4 years old, would find her way down to the basement and beg him to play with her.

Seeing the strain he was putting on himself and his family depressed Mainoumi, and by Christmas of 2014, something snapped. He didn't want to miss out on his daughter growing up. He didn't want to be tired and alone anymore. He didn't want to feel bad about himself. He wanted to change his life.

His First Wake Up Call

Mainoumi Aito tried to eat healthily.

But like so many, he had a horrible track record of failed diets and exercise attempts. He had tried countless diets in the past, and had joined a handful of gyms, that he paid for despite never going.

"I would try crazy fad diets like eating tofu for two weeks. I would cling on to anything to lose inches with the least amount of work," he said. But those fad diets would never last more than a few weeks, and his inches would rebound.

Even his wife was skeptical of his newfound inspiration to lose some stones. "She would eat those types of (rich) foods in front of me jokingly, but that skepticism was the fuel. I wanted to prove people wrong," he said.

But every fear came true when Mainoumi collapsed, clutching his chest.

Mainoumi Aito started working out.

"The human body is not equipped to handle this much calories. One way or another, things have to change," the doctor words sunk into Mainoumi ears.

Hearing this, he started making a conscious effort to watch his portion sizes and to do some exercise.

He remembers the intense feeling of withdrawal.

"My body really was asking for richer and fattier foods," he said.

It was a struggle to resist delicacies like pizza and pasta, or even pantry staples like rice and bread.

But Mainoumi felt like his diets and treadmill runs were getting him nowhere -- literally. "I just felt like a hamster on a wheel, the only thing missing was the water bottle," he recalled.

He told colleague Mika Austen about his frustrations. Being a plumpy person herself in the past, Mika told Mainoumi on how she became slender. 

"Everybody thought that it was through the traditional diet and exercise; it was far from it."

A Recent Innovation in Endocrinology Gives Mainoumi Hope Back

Dr. Takako Okatsu, Endocrinologist, M.D., PhD.

Dr. Edu and his team spent years studying fat-storing white fat and energy-burning brown fat to help patients combat diseases that are linked to unhealthy levels like heart attack, diabetes and hypertension.

“Converting fat-storing fat to energy-burning fat is the key to successful weight management.”

– Dr. Arthur Roberts 

The prototype made of potent but rare ingredients such as:

Coptis Japonica, Sophoricoside, Caffeine and Salicornia Herbacea to increase metabolism and suppress appetite while burning fats.

“90% of the patients had toned down considerably during the 3-month trial.”

“95% reported increased metabolism.”

It is extracted from the root of Japanese Goldthread or scientifically known as Coptis Japonica to activate energy-burning fat.

This is often found in green tea that is famed for its fat-burning properties and further increase metabolism.

Helps to improve the appearance of dimpled skin by rebuilding skin elasticity. Results show that those that suffer from cellulite see results of improved skin condition after application.

Salicornia Herbacea - Hydrate & make skin glow

This natural antioxidant removes free radicals for youthful skin.

That was when Dr. Edu ’s team developed Hibana™, a non-surgical hyper-meta accelerator patch, so that people around the world who need to lose a few inches effectively can benefit from this easy-to-use solution.

Although Mainoumi Aito had some doubts as he had tried many other products and none of them worked.

But he decided to give it one last try.

The changes Mainoumi Aito had was unreal. 

He felt like he got out of a cocoon and emerged as his new-found self.

What he didn't expect from Hibana™ was like sensory overload. Never in his life, he felt like he's shedding his weight like a snake shedding its skin.

The vigorous burning he felt throughout using Hibana™ was indescribable - "It felt like a great boulder was lifted out of my body; and before I knew it, I've already lost 6 inches within 9 days."

Outside, he could finally breathe. The struggle he had when playing with Lisa was progressively reduced.

2 months in using Hibana™, Mainoumi entered his first 5K race tournament. "I never entered a race before. I was alone and nervous. I had no idea if I was going to finish," he said. "When I crossed the finish line ... I felt so fantastic."

“I was over the moon! 

I FEEL like a new person and my daughter LOVES it.”

Mainoumi running with his daughter, Lisa.

This year he did 10 races. At the end of September, he had shed a total of 94 and was now running as far as 6 miles on his running days. The following year, he took his trail runs to a new level and joined a local running group.

He encouraged his wife and daughter to partake in physical activities as well. They had a day during the week where they would do short runs around the neighborhood, usually around a mile of jogging. Eventually those 1-milers with his daughter Lisa became 2 miles; then she was regularly running 3 miles with him.

My daughter tells me how much she likes the new me, and how she loves running with me.

Today, he and his daughter go on 6-mile runs together every Sunday. It's become a father-daughter bonding time for them.

"It is a million times more satisfying to run with her. To see my own child run and have fun is incredible," he said.

By November, Mainoumi's weight was down to 168. He has lost a total of 23 stones since 2019. Through all his achievements, Mainoumi Aito has inspired a lot of his closest friends and co-workers, Austen said.

1. Do things one at a time. “Just start using Hibana™. When people start losing weight, they won't have doubts anymore. Just start slowly. It will make a difference.”

2. Know who you’re doing it for. “I did it for her and for myself. I wanted to do it for myself, but it could also benefit her,” he said. “I just did it for the both of us.”

3. Consistency is key. “I paste it 3 times a day for 5 hours and I walk more too. Then, I go to sleep and then wake up and do it all over,” he said.

"Don't worry. You'll get there." - Mainoumi

"I think everyone is very impressed," she said. "He made that choice for himself and for his family."

Passing that inspiration on to others is what motivates Matsuhisa to continue staying in shape. "So many people supported and inspired me at the beginning of my journey. Inspiration is contagious and a continuous cycle."

For others trying to shed some inches, Matsuhisa says don't forget to enjoy the journey you're on. "Everyone is different. Consistency is the key to achieve the body of your dream. You may not see results immediately, but keep at it and you will be rewarded."

NO counting calories

NO cutting carbs

NO hours of painful exercise

NO sacrificing delicious foods

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