A 107-year-old marathon runner reveals 

his secret to the "Fountain Of Youth" 

which helps him break the world record.

"I'm 107 but I feel like I'm 27 again!"

3 April 2022 Thursday :  Special Editorial by Jodi Reilly, Editor-in-Chief

"If you could ease all your back and knee pain in a few days, without pills or dangerous surgeries, 

would you do it?"

This is a very inspiring story about one of the oldest marathoners in the world, William Adam.

At 21, he was an elite sprinter competing around the entire world.

Then one day, while sprinting for the medal in the London Marathon 1948, he collapsed during his 5th walk. It was then that he realized that something was wrong, his body stopped operating normally. 

His back pain was so bad that he needed a wheelchair, he couldn't even stand for 2 minutes, not to mention running for 100 meter.

At 67, he had lost his son to violence and drug-related. Running was the only thing they did together when they were younger. The death of his son plunged him into a deep depression.

So he made himself a promise on live TV...

"The day I stop running will be the day I die. 

I dedicate my life to relieving my back pain in order to be able to run as I did with my son.”

– William Adam

William's daughter introduced him to a doctor, who gave him a "new life" in the future.

William's daughter introduced him to a doctor, 

who gave him a "new life" in the future.

In an attempt to cheer up her dad, his daughter put him in touch with Dr. Gustave, a well-known orthopedic doctor from Boston she had researched. William explained that he had tried everything: physiotherapy, surgery, drugs... nothing worked. Dr. Gustave has personally reached out to tell him about his scientific breakthrough.

After trying to cure back pain for 37 years, here's what he told her...

"Your feet support all your weight, balance you and absorb the stress ."

“If your feet are not properly supported, and this is the case in 3 elderly people out of 4."

“Research shows us that they cannot do their job correctly. This means that the shock that should have been absorbed by your feet would travel up your legs through your spine causing your back pain."

"And so as a building, if the foundation of your body is not supported as you age, the pain will appear throughout your body and so you will crumble."

– Dr. Gustave

finding A solution, a journey

In order for him to get back on his feet, the doctor had to infuse 'new life' into his old foundation without pain.

Dr. Gustave discovered that if he put pressure on specific parts of the footIt could activate 26 bones in each of the feet to create a strong base for the back and relieve pain. He tested his technique on thousands of other patients...

It just instantly relieved their pain! However, he couldn't spend all his days pressing their feet. So Dr. Gustave and his team spend 3 years of investigate. 

And finally created a special insole for the feet that presses on those exact points as you walk

Instantly relieving you of pain even while walking.

Turn the world upside down by revealing Magnety™

It is called Magnety™ Magnetic Insoles. Customers who have tried it have claimed instant relief from back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, and joint pain. Dr. Gustave shows us how it works.

"You just slip the Magnety™ inside your shoe."

"And it will target your pressure points, correct posture, and opens your lumbar spine."

"All thanks to the spreading relief technology."

"Magnety spreads over 300 pressure points relieving pain when you walk."

"It will send relief signals from your brain to your body and activate your relief points."

- Dr. Grustave

William started using them right away...

"I put them in my running shoes and what happened next was nothing but a miracle"

“I felt like I was walking on water, It was the movement that required the least effort and the least pain of my life."

“On day 3, I was able to start running again for the first time in years after the injury."

"On the 7th day, my daughter was so surprised and she bought herself a pair too.

When she wears them she is able to run beside me."

"On the 10th day I felt completely revitalized, I even had the energy to run after my grandchildren."

– William Adam

The champion is back!

William then broke his world racing record at the age of 107! In 2021, William Adam completed the London Marathon in 5 hours 27 minutes and set a new world record in the veteran category.

"Now I wear Magnety™ every day, it gives me the freedom to do whatever I like."

"I wish someone had told me about it sooner."

"I have been suffering from backaches for years."

"I could have eased this pain all these years in just a few minutes with this invention."

- William Adam

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