losing up to 3-5 jeans size!

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Azami™ is a silicone ring used to help reduce hunger and aid in total weight loss. It applies pressure to one’s toes, and is used much like an acupuncture technique. The secret of Azami™ ring lies within its patented formula based on Magnets and Ancient Chinese Medicine. Azami™ ring acupoint technique helps in strengthening the digestive system, which in turn helps to control your appetite, which makes it an effective mechanism to lose weight

you need not pull or push stuff in this one, or run like a hamster on a wheel

I will take gym membership the next Monday.” — That Monday never comes, and you continue to maintain your legacy of bloated tummies, and swinging fat all over your body.

Going to the gym isn’t the only option to stay fit. In fact, sometimes it can be costly for you and your free time. The cost-benefit ratio can also be a reason of worry for you.

Here is what you can do to give it a start — without going to a gym.

What Makes Acupressure

A Desired Way To Cut Away The Inches?

Just imagine losing 3-5 sizes by applying magnetic pressure on your body! It is non-invasive and so simple that many are amazed by. 

The entire world today is struggling with finding easy and less time talking ways to lose weight and acupressure comes as one of the most comfortable options that fit the bill

The best part about acupressure is that it does not require you to involve in any crash diets or back-breaking exercises

Backed with an active lifestyles, acupressure can surely help you achieve your weight goals.

Amazing Benefits

  • helps in losing weight.

  • relieve you from stress and tension.

  • relaxes your body and mind.

  • increases the blood circulation in your body.

  • helps in the removal of toxic wastes from your body.

  • provides relief from almost all types of aches and pains.

  • helps in the healing of injuries.

  • rejuvenates your body and minds and increases energy levels.

  • increases the feeling of wellness.

Azami™ ring is so effective because it has inbuilt magnets that emits a gigantic 1.100 Gauss magnetic force in order to activate the acupuncture points. The ancient Chinese already knew that the main pressure points for hunger in human body are located right in the area between the main part of the foot and the big toe.  

How to use Azami™?

Simply wear the Azami™ on your two big toes. Make sure the magnets are in the right position, beneath the toe and in the middle.

1. Wear the rings on the 2 big toes.

2. Make sure that the magnets are positioned beneath the toe and in the middle.

3. You can go about your daily routine while the rings work at slimming you down.

4. The secret lies in the 2 pieces of magnets which can emit 1,100 Gauss’s magnetic force to stimulate the acupuncture points.

5. This will activate those areas which are normally not in use while walking, and also helps to improve sagging muscles.

6. Washable with lukewarm water and mild detergent.

What customers say

What Other Users Say

I just put on this ring and I lost weight without doing anything, it's amazing!

"Every time I say "I will," it ends with "fine, next week," so where can I get my motivation and where can I literally hype myself up about weight loss, till I meet Azami™ ring. Without going to the gym or dieting, I lost 50 pounds in three months."

- Oliver William, New York

✔ Verified Purchase

Omg I’ve lost 68 lbs already!!

"I began at 200 Ibs. There was an ocean of fat. I lost 15 Ibs in the first 10 days after wearing the Azami™ ring. The ocean has been reduced to a sea. I lost another 44 Ibs in the next 30 days, bringing my total weight to 160 Ibs. The sea of fat dried up and became a lake. It took me around 40-50 days to get from 160 Ibs to 132 Ibs. Azami™ transformed Lake into a well!"

- Simran Kaur, Washington

✔ Verified Purchase

seriously, read this review... you're gonna need it...

"Now I feel like I can fly. When I run! Before that, I am 400 Ibs range and after a couple of years of REALLY hard work, my body weight is still the same, till I use this Azami™ weight loss ring, my body weight now is 110 Ibs, It is such a good feeling I can’t describe it other than to just say…. Wow."

- Melissa Niv, Texas

✔ Verified Purchase



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon 



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon 



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon