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Do you find yourself slouching at an uncomfortable angle unconsciously while working? This can take a toll on your spine and eventually even your overall well-being. In fact, most cases of spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration and chronic back pain can be attributed to poor posture.

Change the way you sit and prevent the bad consequences of poor posture before it’s too late! Say hello to the corrective comfort that Proseat™ can do for you!

The Hidden Culprit: Poor Posture

Sitting all day at a desk or computer causes the spine to be in a C-shape, which in turn causes a lot of stress and strain on the lower back and glute muscles leading to fatigue and pain. The worst part is that most people suffer from pain unconscious to the fact that poor posture caused by our sitting surfaces is the main cause of their ordeal.

Good news is you do not need any expensive treatment or medication to relieve yourself from all these discomforts. Prevent pain and stiffness from prolonged sitting and soothe already-existing aches and pains that come from months or even years of bad sitting habits with Proseat™.

The Hidden Culprit: Poor Posture

Proseat™ is the most advanced gel seat cushion available today!

Designed based on nature’s ingenious honeycomb structure, which is proven as the strongest foundational shape. Made of ultra-flex polymer, it allows total support and ultimate comfort as you sit. The beehive structure is made up of individual hollow cells that allow even distribution of weight preventing gravity from drawing too much weight on one area which will overstress your muscles. This helps eliminate pressure points and corrects posture, letting you sit and work for long hours in absolute comfort. Plus, this flex grid design not only ensures optimal ventilation unlike foam cushions, but it also retains its shape even with prolonged or daily use!

Get that optimal glutes, hip, tailbone, and lower back support you’ve wanted for so long, stop sitting in pain with Proseat™ NOW!

Amazing Benefits

  • Relieves pain, aches, fatigue and stiffness due to tailbone pressure, prolonged sitting, back injuries, herniated, bulging or degenerated disc, sciatica nerve pain, arthritis, hip pain, sacral joint pain, stenosis, hemorrhoids, and other such conditions

  • Promotes good posture, and proper spine alignment

  • Improves blood flow in the lower extremities

  • Provides a soft cool cushion that doesn’t heat up no matter how long you sit

How to Use the Proseat™

1. Simply place the gel cushion on any firm sitting surface.

2. Sit on the cushion and enjoy a comfortable and pain-free seat for as long as you need.

What customers say

What Other Users Say

Comfortable even for all day long

"I love my cushion. It really helps when you have pain issues in the lower region. It’s really nice to sit on and relieved the pressure off my glutes, tailbone, and lower back. Great for when I have to sit for long periods while working. Quite compact too as it folds nicely and I bring it with me to the office. Definitely a great buy!"

- Jourdan Pym, New York

✔ Verified Purchase

Must have if you have a bad back!

“I suffer from neuropathy, which resulted in my inability to sit for any length of time. This cushion allows me to sit for several hours at a time during a normal workday and has been a godsend for traveling in the car. I still need to take frequent breaks when sitting, but I do not experience the pain I did before I got this gel cushion. It takes the pressure off your lower back immediately. This cooling gel support cushion is the perfect size and shape. It is flexible and easily contours. Amazing value!”

- Jeanine Kyle, Washington

✔ Verified Purchase

My Comfy Office Chair Cushion is at Last at an End !

“I have been sitting with the wrong posture for many years and I didn’t know until I started having sciatica nerve pains last year. This gel cushion is perfect for correcting posture and making sitting a much more comfortable and painless experience. I bought one for my work chair in my office and another one for home. I like it so much I am buying another one for my husband. He keeps stealing mine from my chair.”

- Michael, Texas

✔ Verified Purchase



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon 



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon 



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon