This Woman Went from A Dropout to One of The World's Renowned Pianists

Aria DeSantis taught herself Chopin and Beethoven at a young age. She went on to perform solo and orchestra concerts at the most prestigious level.

But Aria’s story is not your typical tale…

Aria grew up in a poor working-class family with her single mom. Since 14, Aria worked as a part-time bar waitress to help support her mom.

A Young Bar Waitress with A Secret

Her love for piano came from listening to the bar pianist play every night. Secretly, she dreamed of becoming a professional classical pianist.

“I would sneak onto the piano bench at the bar after work.”

“Nobody taught me how to play, I just had a natural instinct.”

“The piano called to me and I responded with my fingers.”

“I remember printing sheet music from the internet and self-learned Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Brahms.” - Aria

When the bar pianist left, Aria was immediately offered the job! She was a real charmer on the piano. People would come in just to see her play.

At 17, Her World Turned Upside Down

Aria’s joy was dashed when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, Aria became the sole breadwinner. Being her caring self, she dropped out of school and juggled several jobs. Besides playing at the bar, she started giving piano lessons.

After a year of hustling, the long hours of sitting took a toll on her back. The pain was unbearable. But with her sick mom depending on her, Aria just toughed it out.

“No matter how tough my life may be, I would never give up on any chances of helping my mom.” - Aria

Until She Couldn’t Even Lift Her Fingers on The Piano

With her main source of joy and income plugged, Aria tried to find all kinds of remedies. She went for physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and even acupuncture. They helped temporarily, but the pain kept coming back!

Paying for her mom’s cancer treatment, Aria had depleted her savings. Without no solution in sight, Aria was forced to beg on the streets.

“I was a small-town girl with a big dream.”

“Then I became a dropout turned beggar in a blink of an eye.”

I almost totally lost hope.” - Aria

Meeting Two Angels

By some miracle, Aria’s ex-boss saw her on the streets one day. He was shocked to see Aria begging and asked her what happened. Coincidentally, his wife just had her debilitating back pain treated. So, he introduced Aria to Dr. Kirk.

Apparently, Dr. Kirk had just discovered a breakthrough in orthopedic care. Here is what Dr. Kirk told Aria:

“My team and I have been spending 6 years doing clinical trials. You see, we have been treating back pain all wrong. Exercise and manual therapy simply aren’t enough to cure back pain. Because in our modern world, many just don’t have the luxury of having an active lifestyle. 86% of American workers sit all day for their job!

Our bodies are just not made for sitting. When we sit, our back collapses into a C-shape. Overtime, this leads to compression in the lower back which puts pressure on the nerves that travel through your spine. This results in painful muscle spasms and nerve pains. The trick is to make a small adjustment when we are sitting.

We found that the honeycomb structure is most effective in correcting sitting posture.

Proseat™ is the only seat cushion out there that corrects posture. 95.7% of our clinical trial patients reported instant pain-relief! The idea is simple yet effective. Just put Proseat™ onto any sitting surface. The individual hollow cells work as a support for your hips. Keeping your spine in a healthy posture while seated.

Unlike many seat cushions that trap heat, Proseat™ is made of hyper-elastic gel polymer for maximum air circulation and comfort. Light and easily foldable, Proseat™ can be brought anywhere. Its ergonomic design helps in lower back strain, sciatic nerve pain, tailbone pain, and even neck and shoulder pain.” - Dr. Kirk

A Second Chance

Aria didn’t see any harm in giving Proseat™ a try…

“I felt the difference immediately when I sat with one.”

“My back felt much more supported and lighter.”

“After 3 days, my shooting pains went away.”

“At the end of the week, I could sit pain-free on the piano for hours!” - Aria

Thanks to Proseat™, Aria was able to resume her job as a bar pianist and piano teacher. By a stroke of luck, a music professor walked into the bar she worked at. He was so amazed at Aria’s talent that he offered her a full scholarship for piano performance the next day!

With Aria’s natural talent, she excelled in school and became one of the best classical pianists. Aria toured around the world performing with renowned orchestras.

“I’m so grateful for the generosity of many people.”

“I wouldn’t be here if my ex-boss and professor hadn’t believed in me.”

“And it was thanks to Proseat™ that I had a second chance.”

“Despite many hardships, I was able to achieve my life-long dream.”

“And finally support my mom and her cancer treatment.” - Aria

With just a small adjustment to sitting, many are now experiencing a pain-free and lighter version of themselves. You have nothing to lose except for your sore back! If you are interested in Proseat™, click on the button below to get 50% off your purchase. Grab yours today before this promotion is over!