bellyoff™ Natural herbal slimming massage oil

Naturally reduces extra inches on waist

With An Exquisite Blend Of Slimming Oil Targeting Stubborn Belly Fat

  • Help Moisturize, Tighten Skin

  • Remove Cellulite

  • Tone Stretched Marks

Natural & comfortable solution

Wide application


As everyone's skin absorption is different, please adhere to daily massage use, the effect is more ideal.

No more bulges on waist to bother you!

  • Quality Assurance

  • Shipping Worldwide

  • Products Are Always Packed Carefully

What our customers are saying:

The tummy control is strong and amazing

I am a twin mom and for all of us mothers out there let’s be honest our skin elasticity is never the same after bearing kids. I began using this product because I was searching for a skin tightening regimen and I stumbled across this item so I figured I’d try it out and the reviews were good. I ordered it and it arrived in a pump bottle and the pump part was broken so I’ve had to twist open the top each time I use it and it’s just a mess which is why I gave it 4 stars. The product itself is great however. On day 1 of using this product I took a picture. Exactly 1 month later after using this product once a day I took another picture. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with how it actually works. The top photo is day 1 and the bottom photo is 1 month of using once a day. I was very skeptical at first but seeing the difference in these photos is proof that it does wonders. I would definitely recommend this product!

- Mildred Boyd, Washington

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Does this stain sheets or clothes?

No, it won't stain silk sheets, it's not sticky or smelly. the oil will be absorbed in your skin so it doesn't have any oil residue. 

Does this product heat up on skin?

No, this oil does become warm from the person's natural body heat. However, it's nothing unnatural and doesn't burn on anything.

Is this for external use only?

Yes, external use only. This product is not intended as a dietary supplement. 

Can you use on face?

We wouldn't recommend using it on the face. It is probably too toily for that.

Is the bottle plastic or glass?

It's plastic.

Could I use this as a bath oil?