Align, strengthen and restore bunion toes naturally with Feeto™

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While bunions may be inherited as a family trait, bunions can also form when the feet are squeezed into narrow footwear, making the big toe push against the other toes and sometimes driving over or under them.

If you start to notice a knobby protrusion at the base of your big or pinky toe, then you are most likely to have this condition. It can get really painful over time and can interfere with your daily activities. If left untreated, it can get worse and lead to severe foot problems.

Feeto™ is the latest innovation in podiatric therapy designed to rehabilitate feet deformity and relieve foot pains caused by bunions.

The Importance of Treating Bunions

Bunions should be given immediate attention and treatment.The longer you let the condition sit, the more difficult it is to correct. As a bunion becomes severe, it creates more deformities of the forefoot and will eventually result in physical inactivity or worse, disability.

How Feeto™ Works:

Feeto™ is specially designed to help with bunions and foot calluses by realigning the angled toe back to its natural position.It is worn along the entire length of the toes allowing each toe to be individually cradled by the soft gel openings, creating a cushion barrier between your bunion and your footwear to reduce friction and pressure. You may find it slightly uncomfortable to wear at first but overtime, you’ll notice that you’re making progress towards recovery.

Amazing Benefits

  • Provides comfortable toe support and protection against shoe friction

  • Eases discomfort and pain from bunions and hammer toes

  • Relaxes tensed muscles after standing, walking or running for long hours

  • Gently corrects and restores the shape of feet and toes

What customers say

What Other Users Say

Fast relief from severe hammer toe pain.

"I suffer from bunions as a result of working as a waitress for years. They kept hurting to the point where I would be forced to frequent breaks at work because I just couldn’t handle the pain. I’ve tried correcting it using every type of bunion splint in the market but none has worked as well as Feeto™. I use it at night when I sleep and it’s made a world of difference. I don't wake up to throbbing pain in my feet anymore. Plus, my big toe is slowly readjusting back to the normal position. I never thought this was possible without surgery. This product deserves 5 stars!"

- Jourdan Pym, New York

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These were a miracle for me!

“I went to my local drug store to see what I could find to help me get some relief for my bunions and my pharmacist recommended Feeto™. I was pleasantly surprised to receive immediate results! I wore them all day during a long shift at work and it relieved the pain and pressure. It fits snugly without restricting movement. It’s also very comfortable to wear with my workshoes. Definitely worth every penny!”

- Shereen Stork, Washington

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 Comfortable, Soft, WORKS like a charm.

“I was on the lookout for a bunion corrector as my big toe overlaps my second toe, and the other three are being squished over to the left. I contemplated buying Feeto™ for weeks and finally did it. I am so pleasantly surprised with this product! The pain has significantly reduced even after a long day on my feet. They worked well to spread the toes so they don’t brush against each other. I’m also very impressed with the quality of the product. I can wear Feeto™ in any closed shoes I own and I can’t even tell it's there. I highly recommend this product!"

- Patricia Wilson, Texas

✔ Verified Purchase



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon 



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon 



  • *30 Day Money Back Guaranty, Special Offer Expiring Soon