Grip Pro Max 

Golf Grip Training Aid

Grip Pro Max™ is a pocket-friendly training aid to help you develop the perfect golf grip position. Developed in conjunction with several PGA Golfers, the Golf-Grip has been tried and tested on hundreds of users. Consistent use has been found to promote "muscle memory" allowing golfers of all abilities to achieve the ideal grip.

Promoting Muscle Memory & Accuracy, 

This Device Helps You Achieve the Perfect Grip in No Time.

The Feel of improvement.

Each grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tackiness, and grip taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip's unique attributes.

the feel you want.

the control you need.

  • Suitable for ALL Golf Players

    Perfect for both beginner or expert golf players as it can let you train for the perfect golf grip to achieve a better golf swing!

  • No more slicing!

    Stops slicing with better alignment and grip! Allows you to perform consecutive draw/hook shots with consistency and accuracy.

  • Distance and Control

    Allows you to increase grip control and swing stability on the golf club.  A perfect grip encourages the proper release of the clubface and will help you increase the distance! 

  • Build Your Muscle Memory

    Grip Pro Max™ can promote “muscle memory” which allows you, with practice and time, to achieve a perfect grip without assistance.

Installation Method

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1. Install the golf grip aid on the club.

2. Align the V-shape with the club face.

3. Hold the upper V-shape between the thumb and index of your left-hand, place your fingers along the dents.

4. Hold the lower V-shape between the thumb and index of your right-hand, cross the left ring finger with the little finger of the right hand.

Fits you and fits in your bag.

Better scores, one grip at a time.

Play every shot with confidence!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at
Does this help with finger placement ?
Yes, it helped me. It’s very intuitive and give a good sensation when take the club, specially for begginers golfers.
Does it work for kids as well (7 year old)?
Yes, there are sizes available for kids.
How do you align this to the club face when installing? There is no alignment line.
Not suppose to be installed on a club. It is how a proper grip should feel.
Is there a left-hand grip trainer?
We have left-hand and right-hand grip, you can find it in the above cart.
Is there a left-hand grip trainer?
Yes, our Golf Grip Trainer is made easy to remove and attach to other golf clubs.

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