4 Best Beauty Blogs Of All Time

No matter how much makeup you wear or what hair color trends you adapt, the search for new beauty trends never ends. A little help is always welcome when it comes to beauty. You might have your best friend or a go–to beautician to solve all your beauty problems. But if you don’t, worry not, the best beauty bloggers are just a click away. Through their amazingly written blogs and easy-to-learn video tutorials, the latest in the beauty domain will now be at your fingertips. So, without further ado, read on and then, click away…

1. Lisa Eldridge


Lisa EldridgePinit

She made a name for herself not only in the UK (where she belongs), but also internationally as the makeup artist who perfected the fresh, flawless makeup look. Learning from professionals is the best way, and Lisa is the best in the business. She puts up useful videos, most of which are responses to commonly asked beauty queries. So, for all your doubts about makeup and beauty, you must visit Lisa Eldridge’s blog.

2. Tanya Burr’s Beauty Blog


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Tanya Burr is created by YouTube beauty expert Tanya Burr, and is her window to showcase all her beauty and baking knowledge. She has written books and also has her own makeup line. She gives detailed instructions on how to create a certain look and some great makeup tips.

3. A Model Recommends


Model RecommendsPinit

 You are less likely to question a product if an internationally acclaimed model recommends it. Ruth Crilly gives you inside information on what works best in the industry and recommends what you must try. Through her well-written and presented blog, she presents the best products available, backstage tips, and how-tos. If you are a beauty junkie, A Model Recommends ought to be your dream destination.

4. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie TutorialsPinit


Who doesn’t know Nikkie? She declared war with her powerful reply to makeup shamers. Her makeup tutorials featured in Nikkie Tutorials are stunning. Each look is achieved with flawless precision. She uses makeup as a powerful tool to transform herself, and teaches you how to do it as well. Her secret aspiration? To be the next Pat McGrath.

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